And I win!

From our second bowling fundraiser…just wanted to be sure that this is preserved for all to see. Yup, That’s my 126 score on the bottom, beating Norm, Mercy, and Pete. ;)


Alyssa and I made cupcakes for our second bowling event. They were seriously tasty.

Bowling: Take One

From the first of our two bowling fundraisers this weeks

Ten on Tuesday

1.I’m going to rant for a minute, and then we’ll get back to the usual. I got off the T on my way home and saw that there was a trolley waiting when I got to the stop of the stairs at Ashmont, so I sped up. There was a group of teen aged girls walking in front of me, one of whom had just been screaming “these people move like fucking turtles!” as she was racing up the stairs and shoving her way between people. One of the girls was walking just in front of me to the right, so I walked between her and the fence to pass her, just barely brushing her with the sleeve of my jacket. This brought on a slew of “you could say excuse me!”s, followed very quickly, very loudly, and just as soon as I was out of arms reach by “fucking whitey bitch!” I’m sorry, but I barely touched you. Also, I’m pretty sure that if I had called you “fucking blacky bitch” there would have been a riot, so maybe we should leave the racial slurs out of it. And you know what? I waited until there was room to pass you without making you move, and that meant I ended up missing my trolley. I’m really, REALLY tired of the entitled attitude that I see again and again from the teenagers that I ride the T with every day. I once listened to a girl who couldn’t have been over 14 telling her friends about how she had jumped and then punched repeatedly HER MOTHER because her mom had broken her sunglasses. I constantly watch these kids cut in front of people to get onto trains/trolleys so that they can get a seat, and then never offer their seat to elderly riders, pregnant riders, or small children. Where the heck are the parents that raise these kids!? Grrrrr. And just to prove I’m not a “fucking whitey bitch”: I had the best seat on the trolley once I got on – the first seat next to the rear door – and then gave it up to a pregnant woman who was very grateful for it.

2. And now back to our regularly scheduled programming…I was having trouble syncing my iPod over the weekend and ended up resetting it. This was perhaps premature, but I got frustrated and it was the quickest solution, so I did it. I’ve been listening to my entire iTunes collection on random at work, and apparently forgot to tell it I only wanted my checked songs because I keep noticing that Christmas music has snuck into the mix!

3. I’ve been eating more salad lately – I try to make a BIG salad at the beginning of each week and then dish it out into tupperware to take to work each day and sometimes have a bowl before dinner at night – and recently had the brilliant idea to buy raw sunflower seeds to throw in. I have thanked myself for that every. time. I’ve had a salad for the last few weeks. YUM. Plus, they’re good for me!

4. Other food habits I’ve fallen into recently: I got a box full of Bear Naked granola samples when I volunteered at AIDS Walk, and I’ve been mixing one pouch into my yogurt every morning ever since (also YUM). I’m not sure when this happened, but I have a tea & chocolate break at work every afternoon – always Stash Merry Mint tea and the chocolate alternates depending on what I can get a hold of. I’m not having luck finding my fav Dagoba Chai Chocoloate, but this Green & Black’s is a tasty substitute…and this Dove has been filling in since I had to hit CVS to restock recently. Now you know what to send me in care packages!

5. Speaking of care packages – you can send me love letters while I’m at the 3 Day. This was HUGE HIGHLIGHT for me last year, I really loved reading the notes I got. I still have them on my desk at home, and I still read them again periodically. Unfortunately, they say no packages so you may have to send the chocolate in a padded envelope. ;) Here are the details:

Send letters to:
Breast Cancer 3-Day Camp Post Office
ATTN: Sarah G
P.O. Box 8534
Warwick, RI 02888

Envelopes only, please. No boxes or large packages. Mail must be postmarked no later than July 14th in order to ensure delivery at the Breast Cancer 3-Day Camp Post Office.

6. On that note, we’re doing two bowling fundraisers for our 3 Day team this week. Hopefully we get a lot of folks that show up, and hopefully they come with cold, hard, cash that they throw at us! :) Cross your fingers for us, and if you’re local (or know someone that is) and would like more details please email me (sgiaccai (at) gmail (dot) com) and I’ll pass them on.

7. While I’m at it with the 3 Day stuff – here’s the Boston 3 Day Supporter page. You can go there to find out more about the opening and closing ceremonies. There should be more info about cheering stations posted next week, so check back there and then come out and cheer us on! Also, if you want to get really fancy, send them an email about and organize a “private cheering station” on Saturday and use it to throw SB a birthday party to walk through! ;)

8. Alyssa is on her way here from NY as we speak (see stack of sheets and towels waiting for guest above), and I’m picking her up at the bus station just after ten. Would it be totally inappropriate for me to wear my PJs on the trolley to pick up the Zipcar, pick her up, drop the Zipcar off, and ride the trolley back home?

9. I know I’ve been a delinquent blogger lately…so please catch up: Birthday, laundry day, silver lining?, harbor seals, newborn, note to self:, Kman & cake, happy bench monday!

10. What’s been keeping me from blogger? An addiction to Dexter. Perhaps not entirely – I also haven’t been taking lots of pictures because the weather has been so miserable here lately. I won’t promise that things will improve soon because I’m still spending 20ish hours each week training for the 3 Day, but come August things should get better!

Note to self:

Don’t forget to bring home your water bottle today! I sometimes forget things, so on Friday’s I write myself a note so I remember to take my water bottle home…otherwise not enough hydrating on my training walks!