Can’t Stop Won’t Stop




…enjoying the sunshine and breeze while I work from home.

…checking my calendar to try to remember what day of what month it is, then getting excited about the fun plans that are on there!

…slacking off! I have updates on my Spring To Do List and I have a Summer To Do List to share!


…getting my butt kicked at bootcamp (and Friday Fitness Challenges!) while I struggle to find a running routine that fits into my suddenly busy summer.

…making (too many) iced coffees over the course of the day.

…thinking about this talk that I watched yesterday. (You should make an iced coffee to sip while you watch!)


…laughing at the goofy places I find that cats sleeping throughout the day. Who wants to sleep next to Pete’s dirty laundry?! Champ does.

100 Happy Days

I don’t remember where or how I first came across the 100 Happy Days hashtag, but whatever I saw had me intrigued enough to look into it and discover the site behind it. I had been planning to do some kind of “photo a day” project over the winter, and coming across 100 Happy days mid-January fit perfectly…so I dove in. I ended up with 96 photos, two videos, and two days missed. Honestly, I’m shocked that I only missed two days!!

If we’re friends on Instagram you’ve already seen these over the last few months. For the rest of you (or if you want to see them as a collection/in order) I pulled the photos into an album on Flickr so head over there to see all of my 100 Happy Days in the same place, and check out some of my favorites below!


100 Happy Days Snapshot

What working from home looks like

This usually happens first thing in the morning:


There’s a nice view:


Which I especially like when I get to watch snow falling.

And sometimes I have company:


Unfortunately she’s not really great with that whole “collaboration” thing – there’s a lot of her with her eyes closed and me doing all the work! :)

Good Morning


This is what mornings look like around here lately…sometimes reversed, with Champ in the window and Barley on the chair, and occasionally with both of them sharing the window.



I took my camera to Bromfield Camera (best photo shop in Boston!) the other day to have the sensor cleaned – for one because I was tired of having to photoshop a million little flecks of dirt and dust off every picture I took, and for another because I was pretty sure that the dirty sensor was causing a lot of problems with my focusing. I figured I’d get it cleaned to see if that would fix my focusing problem before I looked into a new lens.

Well, I have no idea if it did/would have fixed my focusing problem, because I asked the guys what it would cost to upgrade my lens (a manual focus 50mm) to one that would auto focus with my camera body, and it was a lot less than I expected. And they would take another $40 off for my lens (almost 40% of what I paid for it). So I left the store with a clean sensor and a new lens.