Number Five: Death Marching on Caribou Mountain

6.22.11 Vacation 51

I love to hike, but don’t get to do it very often. When we pick a house to rent for vacation, we can usually find a good hike or two nearby. This time, we found a few family-friendly trails and a few bigger hikes that were Mark Simmons Death March worthy. On past vacations, the girls have taken a day to leave the kids with the boys and go shopping and then the boys have taken a day to leave the kids with the girls and go hiking…or as we’ve come to call it: go on a Death March. Mark has a tendency to not thoroughly research hikes, leading to early morning hikes that are supposed to be “4 mile leisurely strolls” and turn out to be 4 mile very steep hikes on mountains that are 2,000 feet taller than Mark told us. In other words, a Death March.

6.22.11 Vacation 58This time around, I bought a hiking guide book to prevent any of these mishaps. Unfortunately, there weren’t a lot of other folks up for the Death March, so it was just Mark and I that got up at 5:30 and headed out for a 2,800+ foot climb.

Mark was dying to see a moose and while we saw lots of moose poop, we never did see an actual moose. By the end of the hike, we had decided to blame all the poop on one moose, and we named him Howard. We actually didn’t get to see a lot of wildlife on the hike (it’s probably better that way) at all, but two frogs did manage to scare the daylights out of me by jumping out of my way just in front of me on the trail.

We did get to see, swat, and hear about a million mosquitoes. In fact, when we first got up to the top we stopped for a minute and all we could hear was the buzz of bugs. I sprayed myself at least four times with bug spray, and I still came home with at least half a dozen bug bites. Learn from my experience: Picardin does not stop bugs. Use bug spray with DEET.

But also learn from my experience: It is always worth it to get up at 5:30am and climb a mountain. Coming to the top, seeing the view, and feeling like you can conquer anything is amazing.

6.22.11 Vacation 57

Number 3: I Heart Kayaking

6.21.11 Vacation 41

I’ve been interested in learning to kayak for a while now, and bought a deal on Living Social for a rental on the Charles River last summer (soon to be put to good use). I was pretty excited when the house we were staying in on vacation had a kayak, and it only took me a day to gather the courage to try it out. I’m not a huge fan of swimming in lake/pond water, so I was pretty not-excited about getting into the kayak from the dock and falling in. It turns out it was not an issue at all, woohoo! And it turns out I totally love kayaking! And so does Pete. And Leyre.

6.21.11 Vacation 40

Leyre and I are planning to take the Intro to Kayaking class at Charles River Canoe and Kayak. Then we will proceed to kayak our little arms off! I do hope there’s a lot of kayaking in my future, and I’m super glad to have finally checked “learn to kayak” off my life list.

Number 9: Workin’ On The List

Crane Library 1

I’m still chipping away at number nine on the list – reading the Best Minxes Ever Written on Penguin’s list of Best Books Ever Written. I read Lolita for my Kubrick class back in college and am counting it as read. A while back, I hit up Borders for a few books (you saw Emma here, Vanity Fair is currently getting beat up being carried in my purse daily).

Today, I hit up the Thomas Crane Library for Breakfast at Tiffanys. It’s almost embarrassing to admit this, but I haven’t been an active library user in so long that I had a bit of trouble getting the book. It took me longer than it should have to figure out how to put the book on hold online, in part because I had to call them (for the second time) to reset the PIN attached to my library card so I could log in. Once it was on hold, I knew where to go look for it and just had to wait for the email to tell me it was ready. The email came, time went by, and I didn’t get myself to the library until my hold had almost expired. The first time I tried to pick it up, the library was closed because I had forgotten to check their hours and just assumed they would be open. The second time I was all excited, but then couldn’t find my book. It turns out that when your hold has almost expired, they hold the book behind the counter for you. At least now I know how to use the library (kind of).

6.4.2011_Orange_Toes_WebAfter I got home and had lunch, I proceeded to go to one of the eleven nail salons within half a mile of our house to have my toes made pretty while I started reading. Of course I chose orange for my toes – how could I not?! And I also found out that the highest rated nail salon on Yelp is definitely not the best of the eleven nail salons within half a mile of our house. Lesson learned: try a different nail salon next time I want some reading/pedicure time.

Number 7: But did it really happen?

6.2.2011 Post Race Dinner

I don’t have pictures to prove it, but I ran the Corporate Challenge tonight. I didn’t make my goal time, maybe because it was cuh-razy crowded and I was fighting traffic the entire race, or maybe because I’m just not that fast. And even though I don’t have pictures to prove it, I do have official results to prove it!

ETA: No pictures to prove I ran, but pictures to prove that I had dinner after I ran! :)

Number 9: Emma


I’ve been working on my Spring To Do list – specifically the reading portion. I even bought a few actual books recently, because my eyes have been bothering me from the tedious work I’ve been doing at work and then reading on my phone! Luckily it was a small enough size that it wasn’t too difficult to hold with one hand and read during my commute, although it took a bit of a beating being shoved in my bag daily for a few weeks.

Next up as either Vanity Fair (another actual book I bought) or Breakfast at Tiffany’s, depending on how soon the library lets me know that they have Breakfast at Tiffany’s on hold for me.