Week 7 – Friday I’m in Love

It’s Friday, I’m in Love with….

1. The red cups are here! I’m so excited for the holidays it’s a bit ridiculous. I already bought a mini Christmas tree and ornaments for work. I’m also going to see The Nutcracker and A Christmas Carol. I’m contemplating Boston Pops tickets.

2. Flowers from Emily! Most of them are in a vase on the table, but this rose and one of the astromeria (I think that’s what they’re called? Or something like that?) are currently cheering up the top of our toilet tank.

3. Useful wedding favors! The glass is from Amanda & Aaron’s wedding, the cocktail shaker from Joe & Liza’s. The cocktail shaker is the only one we own, so it gets a decent amount of use. I really appreciate when people give out wedding favors that are actually useful and not just something that will take up space I don’t have.

Week 6 – Friday I’m in Love

This Friday I’m in Love with…

1. The yellow, yellow trees in Post Office Square. When I’m on the phone at work and don’t need to be in front of my computer, I can wander to the window and look out over the top of these trees. There are three of them and one different tree that is still green, and the look beautiful from above (but reflections meant no picture from the office, so you’ll have to live with this one, from below).

2. I’ve been so annoyed that it’s pitch black out before I leave work at 5 all week, but when I walk out of the building I’m rewarded with this lovely glow. It helps that today was misty and everything was wet and shiny after the rain yesterday and the misty rain all day today. I’m sure I’ll get over that soon, but for now I’m going to enjoy it!

3. Corn Chowda from Boston Chowda Company! I used to love this place and get meals there all time – it must have been when I was in retail and worked at a mall that had one? I can’t remember now, but today I decided to take a walk over to Faneuil Hall and get me some yummy chowda. It was worth it…yummy yummy lunch.

Friday I’m in Love (Week 5)

This Friday, I’m in love with…

All things warm!

1. The sun! It was grey for a few days this week, but on Friday the sun was out and it was b-e-a-yootiful.

2. Tea – I’ve been drinking at least two mugs of tea a day lately, sometimes more depending on how cold it is in the office or outside. Stash Organic Merry Mint Green Tea is my current fav, although I do mix in Moroccan Mint Green Tea and just plain Green Tea occasionally. I do not like black teas.

3. Oatmeal – Historically, I do not like oatmeal (or oatmeal cookies, but I do like oatmeal cookie dough). However, it’s been chilly in the mornings, and it inspired me to give oatmeal a new chance, because eating cold cereal when it’s already chilly is not so cozy. I bought some instant oatmeal last weekend (“cinnamon roll” flavored) and enjoyed it with a sliced up banana. Today I bought some steel cut oats and am going to try making a large batch in the crock pot over night that I can divide up and then reheat as a single serving each morning. I hope it goes well.

PS – I figured out how to make my pictures bigger, and they looked great on my home computer…but then were cut off when I looked at them on my work computer. Please comment and let me know if you’re not seeing the whole image because part of it is cropped and I’ll get it figured out!

Friday I’m in Love

This Friday, I’m in Love with…

1. CHAMP! She’s earning new nicknames lately: piggy pants, destructo kitty, tornado kitty. The other day she was running around so crazy that she got tangled in Pete’s earphone cords that were dangling from the table, and the cord snapped in half. Yeah. Destructo kitty in the house. She has also started the lovely new habit of arriving at the foot of the bed around 6 AM and starting a wrestling match with Barley. EVERY MORNING.

2. My hobbit jade plant. I bought this a few months back because I’ve wanted a jade plant for a long time, and it’s been thriving. I’ve been told that the red tips mean the plant is happy. It’s about double the size it was when I first got it, and if I can keep the cats out of it’s pot, it just might keep growing and end up ginormous.

3. My new Bungalow 360 Owl Bag (love them!). I wanted a bigger bag that I could fit lunch, a water bottle, and my school books in, and I’d had my eye on this one for a while. I finally caved and bought it a week ago. I do not regret this one iota.

Friday I’m in Love

This Friday, I’m in love with….

1. I had Two Guitars make me custom Thank You cards to send to all my 3 Day donors. I’ve got a few left to send out, and I hope that they’ve been making all my donors smile. They make me smile every time I pull a new one out!

2. Lenka. I was tipped off to her music on a blog I read, and I’ve been loving it. I don’t think I have all of her album, but I need to get it.

3. The fall! The leaves they are a changin’, and I’m loving it. I’ve finally let go of my “the summer felt so short!” feelings and I’m lovin’ up the autumn weather.