Nerd Fest 2012: Part 2


Earlier this week I came across information about a screening of Morgan Spurlock’s latest doco, Comicon Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope (watch the trailer), followed by Q&A with Spurlock himself. The Coolidge may not be local to us, but it’s a great theater and we were more than happy to make the trek out there for this one! After all, our first date was a (super romantic!) Spurlock doco. And this one is about NERDS. It was like we had no choice but to go.

"Now ponder"

Leyre, Lana, Amy and I headed over to the MFA for girls night because there were two photography exhibits. The Yousouf Karsh exhibit and one with a number of photogs which also had a few Herb Ritts pictures in the mix. Mom took me to the MFA in ’97 to see Herb Ritts’ exhibit Work, and it made me want to be a photographer.  She also took me to see an exhibit (but I can’t remember when) of Karsh’s portraits, and it made me want to be a portrait photographer.  If I’m ever able to produce portraits half as good as Karsh’s, I’ll be happy. 

As You Like It

Kali and I went to see Shakespeare on the Common and the very talented and hilarious Paul (see below). It was an awesome time.

Notes for next year:
1. Show up more than 1.5 hours prior to show (2-2.5 is probably best – so bring cards, cribbage boards, etc…)
2. Bring at least the following for sustenance: Brie, wine, bread, grapes, strawberries, hummus, chocolate, prosciutto.
3. Don’t wait until the last night to go!
4. Invest in a low to the ground beach chair.
5. Invest in a pretty picnic basket.

Top photo available for purchase here.