"Now ponder"

Leyre, Lana, Amy and I headed over to the MFA for girls night because there were two photography exhibits. The Yousouf Karsh exhibit and one with a number of photogs which also had a few Herb Ritts pictures in the mix. Mom took me to the MFA in ’97 to see Herb Ritts’ exhibit Work, and it made me want to be a photographer.  She also took me to see an exhibit (but I can’t remember when) of Karsh’s portraits, and it made me want to be a portrait photographer.  If I’m ever able to produce portraits half as good as Karsh’s, I’ll be happy. 
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  1. i haven’t read in a while, so prepare for comment spam from swifty!i’m jealous that you remember what made you want to be a photographer, because i sure as hell can’t remember. all i remember is asking my dad if i could use his old pentax slr (im talking late 70’s model).

  2. So it was your dad’s pentax that made you want to be a photog! ;) Seeing those two exhibits is so engrained in my memory, I just remember being so awed by their work. I was taking photography classes in high school then, so I was already interested, but it was definitely seeing those exhibits that actually got me inspired.


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