6.14.2013_Iced Coffee

resting up after a busy weekend.

perfecting iced coffees from the Keurig.

plotting with friends for lots of summer fun.

getting excited every time that I see my calendar and all that’s on it over the next few months.

listing all of the errands to run and places to go while we are car sitting and have wheels.

expanding my music horizons while listening to random playlists on Spotify.

squeezing in the final items on my Spring To Do List before the summer (officially) starts.

writing recaps of the items I have done and just haven’t caught you up on yet (oops).

scheduling appointments to use Groupons I bought to spoil myself, then promptly forgot about.

daydreaming about unrealistic jobs that would let me be outside in the beautiful weather….but

cursing the severe thunderstorms that seem to always happen exactly when our running club is meant to be meeting.



feeling incredibly cheesy and grateful to have found such amazing friends twenty years ago.

missing the fun and loud and craziness of having all of those friends (and their kiddos) under the same roof!

trading books with my friend’s nine year old, prolific reader of a daughter.

watching all kinds of guilty pleasure TV shows: Vampire Diaries, Glee, Pretty Little Liars. 

getting my butt kicked by Pete in a March Madness bracket.

loving the return to my three day a week running routine (thank you Daylight Savings!).

spending some quality time with my foam roller.

making lists of things to do before our upcoming trip.

looking at my old passport photo when I need a good laugh.

counting the days until we are reunited with almost all of our favorite Aussies!

excited to explore a new city with Pete.



grateful for the opportunity to spend so much time with family over the holidays.

determined to finish my to do list before Pete gets home.

feeling a bit overwhelmed thinking about resolutions and goals for the new year.

eating cheese, cheese….and more cheese.

looking forward to a mini Christmas celebration with Pete tomorrow evening. 

finishing up our annual photo book.

getting into a winter running routine.

embracing the quiet on the last night that I have the house to myself.

trying to get grips on the start of a new year.

reading book after book of Jane Austen spinoffs during a break between Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus.

watching (and loving) Scandal on the recommendation of my sister.

contemplating picking up one (or two) of my unfinished crochet projects.

drinking bubbly.

hoping to get back into a blogging routine.