Number 1: Get back into a regular workout routine

You have probably figured out by now that I’ve managed to create a running habit. Unfortunately, that’s about where my fitness habits usually end, and that means that while I’m in okay shape cardio-wise, I have the wimpiest muscles there could be. Last spring some of my co-workers put together a wellness challenge, and part of the challenge was to work out more, while another part involved weight loss. I knew that if I was going to earn my points in both of those aspects, I needed to get strong(er, at least) and I figured that the boot camp class I used to see sometimes when I was meeting my running club would probably get the job done.

Google-fu led me to A Healthy Balance – and lucky me they had a deal on one of the local voucher sites so I could attend eight boot camp classes AND get a massage for cheap. I heart cheap, and the timing was perfect, so I signed up.

Let me digress for a second. You guys, I really love to support my local community – the more local and close to my home, the better. I love to find local, small business that are doing great things. Then I love to spend my money there, tell everyone I know about them, and do whatever else I can to support them. I especially love to do this when I get to interact with the people running the business and they are cool people. I ESPECIALLY love to do this when I interact with the people running the business, they are cool people, and they are women. You see where I’m leading you, right? A Healthy Balance is run by two women, and one of them runs the boot camp classes. That’s Alicia, and I think she’s awesome.

I also think Alicia’s boot camp classes are awesome. I have never, in my life, stuck with any strength-related fitness routine…until I found A Health Balance. Here’s where I come clean: Alicia would almost certainly argue that I haven’t exactly “stuck with” boot camp either, and she’s not wrong – I have arthritis in my knees, (because I am 33 going on 80) and I let a flare-up last summer lead to a far-too-long hiatus. I put this on my Spring To Do list because I need to get this habit jump started and deeply engrained. I’m getting there! The knees have been flaring up again lately, and I’m trying my best to balance work and life and boot camp as best I can. You know what makes it easier? Having a class that is fun (even when it’s kicking your ass), where you laugh far more often than you would expect to while working out, and where you are constantly meeting other women that you think are pretty cool.

There are a few other bonuses, as well. I’m definitely stronger than I used to be. I can see muscles where there used to be none (specifically in my arms, although Pete is a jerk and does not agree. Pretty sure he’s jealous.). I’m also running faster, which is fun even if I’m not exactly competitive. You know what else? Even when I can’t make it to boot camp I end up doing all those things that magazines and TV shows and trainers and Pinterest all tell you to do: planks and squats and lunges during commercial breaks, wall sits while I wait for the microwave to finish, push ups when I’m working from home and waiting for a report to download. I think I can cross this one off the To Do list*.

* …even if I’ve got no pictures to prove it…there is video evidence somewhere, but I haven’t come across it yet. I’ll let you know when I do, as I suspect that may be what launches my future career as a fitness model. ;)

Number 3: Cuddle a Koala

This one did not quite happen as planned, but I would argue that a Kangaroo is close enough and so am calling it done.

More Heidi

When we began the (small) amount of planning we did for out trip to Melbourne, I thought it was important that we hit at the very least a zoo, but preferably some kind of sanctuary for native animals so that Pete could get a good look at all the wacky marsupials that Australia has to offer. Including my absolute favorite, wombats! My research led me to the Healesville Animal Sanctuary. I thought it might be fun to do the whole “get your picture taken with a koala!” thing, so you can imagine my delight when I saw that they offer “Magic Moments”, where you pay ten dollars and get to spend ten minutes feeding and petting and loving the Aussie animal of your choice – koala, kangaroo, echidna (maybe not so much petting on that one?), dingo (I’ll just pet my friend’s dog, thanks), etc… Now, if you multiply whatever you just imagined by delight to be times ONE HUNDRED, that’s approximately how I felt when I saw a note on their page about how they currently had juvenile WOMBATS that were available for a Magic Moment.

Basically, I DIED. Imagine this guy, but smaller:


When I lived in Perth, I went to the zoo with my friend Rob one day. Rob loves Wombats as much as I do, and there happened to be baby wombats there at the time. They were completely INSANE, and for such a short and stout animal, they sure can run fast when they want to! We thoroughly enjoyed watching them flying around their enclosure. I was dying of excitement to pet baby wombats and shower them with lots of love, so it’s a little shocking that I was tolerant of the “scenic” route that we took to get to Healesville. You’re welcome for that, Ros. (It was actually very interesting to see the damage from the massive bushfires back in 2009 and learn about life with bushfires…blizzards and hurricanes we know, tornadoes Pete knows, but wildfires are not disasters that we are familiar with.)

We had a delicious lunch at Hargreaves Hill Brewing Compnay, and when we finally got to Healesville Animal Sanctuary I’m pretty sure that I bounded out of the car. Then I quickly stopped bounding, because it turns out that when baby wombats grow up they turn “mental” and are no longer allowed to play with the public. The woman started to describe their behavior and said that they basically think they are rhinos, running around headbutting everyone. I didn’t think that sounded so bad – they’re little, right? Then she told me after they headbutt you, they bite you. So I told her that making friends with some kangaroos was totally cool. That’s when this happened:

Number 3 on the Spring To Do List? Big fat check.

To Do: Spring 2013

Happy Spring!

Happy Spring! There was a whole lot of whining around the office because it snowed yesterday and there is all kinds of snow and ice and slush on the ground “but it’s the first day of spring!”…but it wasn’t coming from me. I’m really looking forward to this spring but I also love all the snow we’ve had this winter! Also, a great run along the beach at sunset with the running club? Awesome way to ring in the new season.

Aside from the change of seasons, I’m looking forward to getting back into my “to do list” habit, too! A few of these are actually carried over from last summer, when there was so much fun happening that wasn’t on my list that I didn’t manage to squeeze in everything that was. I won’t complain if that happens again (who complains about having more fun than they intended to?!), but I do hope I can get through this list!

  1. Get back into a regular workout (not just running!) routine DONE
  2. Check out the observation deck at the Marriott Custom House
  3. Cuddle a Koala…or a WOMBAT. A BABY WOMBAT!!! DONE
  4. Spend a rainy day watching a Hitchcock Movie Marathon
  5. Reclaim the office/guest room from current “dumping ground” status
  6. Visit the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum
  7. Take my bike to the shop to be fixed and take loooooong bike rides

What’s on your Spring To Do list? What to join me for any of mine?

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