10 on Tuesday

1. This is one of those weird runner things: I’ve been taking a rolling pin to my very tight calves in an attempt to make up for the torture of suddenly jumping back into my usual workout routine after nearly two months of hibernation.  Sorry calf muscles! I promise you lots of compression sock and rolling pin love!

2. I can’t stop laughing at the Only a Game podcasts – usually while running (now that I’m doing that again, haha). I’m sure people that see me trudging down the sidewalks in the cold -and sometimes snow – laughing out loud think I’m certifiably insane, but come on! Their Superbowl coverage included a story about a friendly wager made between the Seattle Art Museum and the Denver Art Museum and a collection of Superbowl inspired Haiku.  That’s my kind of sports show!

3. There has been much thinking about/planning for the year ahead and what I want to do with it lately. More to come on this, even though I realize that it’s mid-February and it’s a little late for a post on goals for the year.

4. This is totally not my MO, usually I’m annoyed at how fast the weeks are flying by…but this month I can’t wait for the month to be over! Work has been nutty with an event I’m helping organize that happens the last week of the month and I’ll be happy when it’s over and I can fly home, change into PJs, and pour myself a big glass of wine. On the bright side, getting roped into planning this meeting means a mostly work-sponsored trip to Atlanta (warmth in the middle of winter?), where there just so happens to be a four month old little friend who I need to meet and snuggle!

5. Currently binge watching: Party of Five. I started from the beginning a few weeks ago. Now if I go a few days without the Salinger clan, I start to miss them. Also, reliving 90’s fashion via the TV show that carried me through most of my high school years is hilarious.

6. I’m still recovering to a weekend full of awesome: G Love at House of Blues on Friday, a party  (turned sleepover due to the snow) on Saturday, and dinner and Cards Against Humanity with more friends on Sunday.

7. I’m sure that everyone in the greater Boston area wants to punch me in the nose for this, but I am still giddy every time I see snow in the forecast! I know it’s a hassle for most people but since we don’t own a car, our landlord is responsible for snow removal, and I have the flexibility to work from home instead of commuting in crappy weather…well, I love sitting in the office/guest room with a hot beverage in my hand, watching the snow fall outside my window while I’m working away. Snow is the only reason that I put up with cold winters!

8. Have you guys seen the site Can I Stream.It? I just finished reading my boyfriend Rob Lowe’s  book Stories I Only Tell My Friends, which led to a lot of checking to see if I can stream all of the movies that he references. Unfortunately for me, the answer is usually “not unless you pay for it!”

9. I’ve been a total slacker on the blog-front lately, and I’m actually feeling a little guilty about having so much from the last few months that I haven’t shared here. I shouldn’t feel guilty, since there are only three of you that read this…it’s more that I love having this psuedo-journal to look back at what I was doing last February (ummm…not blogging) or the February before that (hanging at Club MGH, visiting local breweries, attempting to take a photo a day), or the February before THAT (eating cheese, crocheting, hanging out with Barley, listening to Pete play guitar)…or the February before THAT, haha (laundry at the Chocolate Factory! – I miss those sweat pants! And that apartment!, playing games). I’ll stop now, because I think that the pictures from the February before that…wait, NO. In February 2009 I was on vacation in NH with friends, taking photos of Leyre’s growing belly, and taking awesome selfies. I am really going to stop now, but if you’re really bored/curious, you can see February 2008 and 2007 for yourself – just be warned that a lot of photos from those very early days were hosted somewhere else and are missing. Anyway, that whole trip down memory lane is exactly why I am annoyed with myself for not keeping up with the blog regularly – it’s super fun to have this quick and easy look back at what was going on way back when!

10. If you made it this far, good for you! I had photos ready to go to make this more interesting, but apparently WordPress, Flickr, and I are in a fight! Barley is begging for someone to play fetch with him, and I’ve got a sink full of dishes that Pete says are my responsibility, so it’s time for me to give up on my photos and just get this posted already!

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10 on Tuesday


  1. It hit seventy degrees today, for the second day in a row! It’s beautiful and lovely and sunny and springy…but I hesitate to believe that spring is HERE. The weather has been so up and down all winter that I’m just waiting for the temperature to drop back down to the thirties or forties for a few days before it bounces up to the sixties again.
  2. It’s really hard to sit in the office at home, two feet from the open window that is letting a warm breeze in, and focus on work. I end up daydreaming about all of the different ways that I would rather be spending a warm, sunny afternoon. Yesterday I was so anxious to get out and run that before I could finish what I was working on, I ran to the bedroom to change into my running clothes. Today I was a bit more patient and went for a bike ride after work(it helped that the day started off rainy and grey, so the sunshine and really warm didn’t set in until after lunch).
  3.  I meant to take a leisurely bike ride down to the beach and back, but I ended up taking a nine (point three) mile bike ride to the beach, along the beach, to Marina Bay, back along the beach, and finally home. Around mile six was when I realized I was already saddle sore, at which point I had no choice but to ride the last three miles home. The good news is that now I know it’s about 3 miles and fifteen minutes from here to Marina Bay, so I can plan accordingly when the outdoor bar season starts up again. ;)
  4. Things I saw while on my bike ride today: two dogs splashing through the water, happy as pigs in mud; one child brave enough to wade in what must still be freezing cold water; one sand castle being built; one gentleman leaning casually against his convertible, top down, wearing all tech gear…just like he was doing yesterday when I ran by (he must really get sweaty standing around to need tech gear); one woman pushing a double stroller who was incapable of leaving room on the path for anyone to pass; one impromptu neighborhood meeting; the fattest English Bulldog I have ever seen; one adorable little boy who insisted that his father keep helping him up onto the sea wall, so that he could jump back down again (down is the best part!).
  5. Besides the nice weather, my calendar this week is shaping up to be super fun! I have plans to attend an event at the MFA on Thursday after work with two coworkers, and plans to shovel excessive amounts of fondue into my mouth on Friday after work with some of my favorite ladies. I’m pretty sure that’s the best way to start a weekend.
  6. Instead of upgrading to a sparkly new phone like a normal person, I spent a few hours this weekend rooting my two+ year old phone (you iPhoners would call it “jail breaking”) and then cleaning up all the crap I don’t use but couldn’t remove without rooting it. It has already made a huge difference in how fast my phone is, but now I need to figure out how to actually upgrade the android OS I’m running. I have a feeling that will be much trickier. It is also much more likely to render my phone completely useless if I screw it up. Can’t someone just make a fancy new phone that I actually want?!
  7. Champ has been very chatty lately! She has started to report back after dinner each night, meowing loudly from the kitchen to let us know she finished. Yesterday she was in the (open) window in the bedroom when she meowed to let me know she was jumping down, wandered to the hallway and meowed to tell me how much she loved the window being open, and then jumped back up into the window. Tonight Pete is reading in bed and she has been frequently coming to the doorway of the living room and meowing at me to ask why I’m not in bed yet, too. (Obvs I speak cat and know exactly what she’s trying to tell me when she’s meowing.)
  8. I’ve been reading a lot since I got my Kindle Touch in January, and I’m constantly searching for new books. I’ve been lucky and finding plenty to keep my busy via the local libraries (Quincy and Boston), but lately I feel like every book that I’m looking forward to isn’t available through the library. I think it’s time to start with me “well I read five free books, so paying $10 for this one really works out to less then $2 per book!” justifications.
  9. I bought this t-shirt a few weeks ago and love it so much that I’ve been wearing it almost non-stop. I am surprised that not a single person has commented on it when I’ve worn it in public. Clearly the people I’ve been passing by don’t have very good taste in TV! It’s possible that no t-shirt I ever own will earn me as many comments from complete strangers as my Piggly Wiggly one does.
  10. I also bought new sheets a few weeks ago, and they make me so happy every time I go to bed! If I had realized how happy pretty new sheets would make me I would have bought them a long time ago but I always see how much sheets cost and feel like it’s so expensive, then talk myself out of spending the money. Sometimes money does equal happiness! ;)

10 on Tuesday

Spring Day

1. It was a pretty beautiful spring day today! Only…uh, it’s nearly winter? I took a 3 mile walk at lunch to return a book to the library, and it was awesome. I’m so glad I decided to walk instead of taking the T! Even if it is borderline ridiculous to have this warm weather pretty consistently in November.

2. The book I was returning to the library was On The Road, one of the Penguin Best Books…Journeys. And you know what? I’m aborting that item on my Winter To Do List. I’ve been trying to read through the Penguin Best Books list because I feel like I need to read more classics. I read the Best Minxes over the spring/summer and enjoyed them, but I hated reading On The Road and I just kept wondering how many more books I was going to have to read that I would hate. I’m still trying to decide how to achieve this “read more classics” goal of mine, but I don’t think the Penguin list is the way to do it.

3. When I got home from work, I threw a bunch of roasted potatoes and onions that were leftover from Thanksgiving into a pot with some stock (well…with some Better Than Bullion) and a bunch of carrots in an attempt to turn it into a tasty soup. It was such a great idea! SO TASTY.

4. Also when I got home from work, Barley followed me around until I sat down and he could climb into my lap. Apparently he doesn’t care about the warmer weather, he’s still solidly in snuggle mode.

5. Champ has been getting much more social lately and has been jumping up onto the couch with Pete and I regularly! It’s totally out of character for her, but we’re hoping it’s a sign that she’s slowly getting closer to someday, maybe being a snuggly cat. Possibly.

6. I keep having to remind myself that today is only Tuesday – it feels like Wednesday, at least.

7. I am one person away from being done with my Christmas shopping, woohoo! Well…if you don’t count Pete. Rumor has it that he was on the naught list this year, though, so not sure if he even deserves a Christmas gift! ;)

8. Pete and I started watching Burn Notice on Netflix and are hooked. I also started watching White Collar. No matter what show I’m watching, in the middle of each episode I’m always thinking that “if only…” the main character from the other show were there! It would solve all their problems!

9. I don’t usually have a sweet tooth, but I have for the last few days – mug brownies every night! Pretzel M&Ms with my afternoon tea at work every day! Guess I need to drag myself back onto the treadmill.

10. I’ve been staying up later than usual lately, but getting up at the usual time and not missing the sleep. I thought maybe that it was actually a better sleep schedule for me and I didn’t need the extra 45-60 minutes of sleep I usually get. Imagine what I could do with all the extra time! I could take over the world!!! Only this morning it caught up with me – I snoozed my alarm at least twice without even waking up/knowing it, and now I’m exhausted. I guess I just had a good run for a few days, and now it’s back to my regularly scheduled sleep!

10 on Tuesday

9.6.2011 post run selfie

  1. You guys! 10 on Tuesday! Because it’s actually Tuesday when I remember to do it, I actually have a picture to post, and I think I have 10 things to say.
  2. I have a backlog of photos to edit and post. Those will hopefully be coming soon to a computer screen near you!
  3. The long weekend was great…but not long enough! It ended up being a bit busier than I expected. While everything we did was a lot of fun, I kind of wish I had spent more time in pajamas being lazy.
  4. It was especially hard getting out of bed this morning when I woke up to drizzle and grey skies. Is it possible to have a bed that is too comfortable? I may have made our bed too comfortable – it’s so hard to drag myself out of it on mornings like today!
  5. I spent a some a lot time over the last week or so watching Drop Dead Diva. I’m kind of in love with it, and I’m almost caught up to current (just in time for the season to end on the 18th, of course). Am I the only person on earth that watches (and loves) that show? I might be. They don’t break out into song and dance as much as they used to, and I miss that. Bring back Judge Paula Abdul!
  6. I went running today after work. I hurt a lot. I was soaked by the time I got home (the picture barely does it justice). BUT I DID IT, and that’s what matters. Does dragging my butt out to run four miles in the cold rain when there’s a warm cat snuggling on my lap and I’m already broken from yesterday’s dodgeball game mean that I’m really a runner?
  7. You know what would make running hurt a lot less these days? If I were better about doing yoga! I need another 2-3 hours in each day. If someone could get on that, I would totally appreciate it. Sacrificing sleep is not an option – no one wants to see what would happen if I started sleeping less! I may need to compromise and hop on the foam roller bandwagon.
  8. Bossman was on vacation in France last week, and he brought me back tasty chocolates. That I don’t need, because after the last few weeks what I need is probably detox. Between trips and visitors and weddings, I have consumed far more (tasty) food and (delicious) adult beverages than I should have. It was a lot of fun, but when I’m starting to crave salads daily you know my body needs a break from the indulging.
  9. Who am I? First the running in the rain when I really don’t want to and now the needing a break from indulging!?! Could someone find the real me and bring me back to….me?
  10. I know a lot of people are talking about the end of the summer, but I’m not letting go just yet! It’s not officially over for another two and a half weeks, and despite the forecast for the next few days, I think we still have some warm, sunny days ahead of us. Hold onto it, folks, we will all be bitching about the snow and the cold soon enough, let’s not rush summer out the door so soon!

10 on Tuesday


1. You guys, two years ago today I watched my best friend give birth to a little girl, who has grown into a super adorable toddler. I think I will always feel extra connected to O for having watched her come into this world. Also, when she is older and talks back to me I can totally pull out the “I watched you come into this world and I can watch you go out of it, too!” threat. ;) Not that she’ll ever talk back, I’m sure she’ll be an angel. Leyre, it has been awesome watching you and Mike as parents! It’s going to be super fun watching everything that is yet to come for that little family.

2. Also to note, today is almost exactly the same weather as the day O was born. That’s not actually a good thing, because it means cool and overcast. Spring/Summer? Are you there? We miss you in Boston! Come back any time.

3. I canNOT use the word actually without pronouncing it (at least in my head, but often out loud) the way my niece Claire used to when she was in her actually phase – often correcting anything you said, even if she was really just adding on to what you said and not correcting you. I wish I had a video clip so you could hear it.

4. Despite my comments above, this weather is good for one thing…running! Pete and I went out last night for our usual three miles and it was awesome. I haven’t run in almost a week because I was letting those shin splints heal and was worried it would be a rough run. Not the case. By the time we hit the two little hills towards the end of our route and Pete was next to me saying “Screw you, hill!” out loud, I was actually thinking just about the same thing. I owned those two little hills, and I felt good while I was doing it. Then, in the last block before home where I often feel like I want to puke and/or collapse, I was all about finishing strong and racing (AND BEATING) Pete to the corner. Turns out that low 60’s is my ideal running weather.

5. My awesome run last night almost had me convinced I needed to rethink my goal for the 5k I’m running at the end of July. We ran 9:45 miles last night and my goal for July is 10:00 miles….seems obvious, right? I’m going to stick with the 10:00 miles goal (I ran 10:19 miles in the Corporate Challenge, which was a slightly longer race and crazy crowded) for now and see how I feel when (if?) it really starts to get warm around here, because running in late-July heat and humidity is not my bag, baby.

6. I swear, last running one for today… I’ve been trying to find one race each month this summer to keep me motivated and running when it’s hot out, and I think I just found my August race: The Memphis Soul 5k BBQ Run. I may not be fast enough to win my age group, but maybe I’m fast enough to beat any other females dressed as Elvis? Do we need to start looking into an Elvis running costume? Perhaps!

7. A week from right now, I’ll be on vacation. Hopefully it will be warm and sunny and I will be relaxing on a patio/dock, in a hot tub, or fire-pit-side…but I would settle for just not raining. I am really trying to keep myself in check with my To Do on Vacation list, but I keep thinking about it and I think writing it down (typing it out?) might actually help stop it from growing to non-relaxing proportions, so here it is…it’s not crazy, right? I swear there will still be plenty of time for relaxing and fun!

  • Run (with Pete, 3-4x)
  • Do yoga (4-5x)
  • Hot Tub (as many x as possible)
  • Finish reading Vanity Fair (#9 on Spring To Do List), start reading How Yoga Works
  • Celebrate the birthdays of five awesome little people
  • Complete a Mark Simmons “Death March” (#5 on Spring To Do List)
  • Eat S’mores (7-50x)
  • Learn to kayak (#3 on Spring To Do List)
  • Crochet
  • Create a new blog header (#6 on Spring To Do List)
  • Finalize and post Summer To Do List
  • Celebrate the bachelorette-hood of one awesome big person with Girls’ Day shopping, lunch, and massages
  • Take a new group photo to add to the collection (2009, 2007, pretty sure Lana has one from 2004-5ish)
  • Have lunch at Smokin’ Good BBQ

8. Speaking of vacation, I also have a word document going with lists of everything I/we need to pack. Lists, yes – divided out by food, beverage, games, sports, electronics, clothing, other. It sounds ridiculous when it’s explained like that, but it’s actually super simple and has put my mind at ease since I’ll be packing the car on my own and then picking Pete up at work on the way out of town. God forbid we forget the Rock Band instruments or the ketchup, right? ;)

9. Champ is racing around like a psycho tonight! Usually she only does that when she and Barley are chasing, but tonight most of her kitty crazies happened while Barley was happily Perched on Pete’s lap. She never ceases to make us laugh – sometimes with her, mostly at her. There may be times I curse having found her in that car engine

10. Eating dinner at 9:15 is a bit nuts. I went from work to yoga, which was awesome because I was the only one in class. Free 1 on 1 yoga session? Yes please! From yoga I went home, dropped off my bag, picked up Pete, and headed out to meet my running club. Three miles later, we chatted a bit and walked home. Shower, hydrate, etc… It was 9:15 by the time I was clean, in PJs, and sitting down with my dinner. I’m not sure I want to make this a regular routine, but I’m feeling pretty awesome after yoga and running back to back. Also? I’m feeling pretty ready for bed. Would anyone want to place bets on how many pages of my book I get through before falling asleep?? Leave your guess in the comments, I’ll send the lucky winner a souvenir from vacation! :)