10 on Tuesday

1. This is one of those weird runner things: I’ve been taking a rolling pin to my very tight calves in an attempt to make up for the torture of suddenly jumping back into my usual workout routine after nearly two months of hibernation.  Sorry calf muscles! I promise you lots of compression sock and rolling pin love!

2. I can’t stop laughing at the Only a Game podcasts – usually while running (now that I’m doing that again, haha). I’m sure people that see me trudging down the sidewalks in the cold -and sometimes snow – laughing out loud think I’m certifiably insane, but come on! Their Superbowl coverage included a story about a friendly wager made between the Seattle Art Museum and the Denver Art Museum and a collection of Superbowl inspired Haiku.  That’s my kind of sports show!

3. There has been much thinking about/planning for the year ahead and what I want to do with it lately. More to come on this, even though I realize that it’s mid-February and it’s a little late for a post on goals for the year.

4. This is totally not my MO, usually I’m annoyed at how fast the weeks are flying by…but this month I can’t wait for the month to be over! Work has been nutty with an event I’m helping organize that happens the last week of the month and I’ll be happy when it’s over and I can fly home, change into PJs, and pour myself a big glass of wine. On the bright side, getting roped into planning this meeting means a mostly work-sponsored trip to Atlanta (warmth in the middle of winter?), where there just so happens to be a four month old little friend who I need to meet and snuggle!

5. Currently binge watching: Party of Five. I started from the beginning a few weeks ago. Now if I go a few days without the Salinger clan, I start to miss them. Also, reliving 90’s fashion via the TV show that carried me through most of my high school years is hilarious.

6. I’m still recovering to a weekend full of awesome: G Love at House of Blues on Friday, a party  (turned sleepover due to the snow) on Saturday, and dinner and Cards Against Humanity with more friends on Sunday.

7. I’m sure that everyone in the greater Boston area wants to punch me in the nose for this, but I am still giddy every time I see snow in the forecast! I know it’s a hassle for most people but since we don’t own a car, our landlord is responsible for snow removal, and I have the flexibility to work from home instead of commuting in crappy weather…well, I love sitting in the office/guest room with a hot beverage in my hand, watching the snow fall outside my window while I’m working away. Snow is the only reason that I put up with cold winters!

8. Have you guys seen the site Can I Stream.It? I just finished reading my boyfriend Rob Lowe’s  book Stories I Only Tell My Friends, which led to a lot of checking to see if I can stream all of the movies that he references. Unfortunately for me, the answer is usually “not unless you pay for it!”

9. I’ve been a total slacker on the blog-front lately, and I’m actually feeling a little guilty about having so much from the last few months that I haven’t shared here. I shouldn’t feel guilty, since there are only three of you that read this…it’s more that I love having this psuedo-journal to look back at what I was doing last February (ummm…not blogging) or the February before that (hanging at Club MGH, visiting local breweries, attempting to take a photo a day), or the February before THAT (eating cheese, crocheting, hanging out with Barley, listening to Pete play guitar)…or the February before THAT, haha (laundry at the Chocolate Factory! – I miss those sweat pants! And that apartment!, playing games). I’ll stop now, because I think that the pictures from the February before that…wait, NO. In February 2009 I was on vacation in NH with friends, taking photos of Leyre’s growing belly, and taking awesome selfies. I am really going to stop now, but if you’re really bored/curious, you can see February 2008 and 2007 for yourself – just be warned that a lot of photos from those very early days were hosted somewhere else and are missing. Anyway, that whole trip down memory lane is exactly why I am annoyed with myself for not keeping up with the blog regularly – it’s super fun to have this quick and easy look back at what was going on way back when!

10. If you made it this far, good for you! I had photos ready to go to make this more interesting, but apparently WordPress, Flickr, and I are in a fight! Barley is begging for someone to play fetch with him, and I’ve got a sink full of dishes that Pete says are my responsibility, so it’s time for me to give up on my photos and just get this posted already!

*This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive (a little) compensation.

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  1. Me too! :)

  2. See…there are two of my three readers! ;)

  3. Jen

     /  February 19, 2014

    Third! Also, will you be in Boston the weekend of March 29? We’re coming up for an event at Fontbonne.

    • Yes! We are here. I have a bridal shower on Saturday and we MAY be running a 5k Sunday morning (It’s called “For Pete’s Sake”! I’m making the 3 Pete’s in our running club run it, haha), but we are here and you’re welcome to stay with us.

  1. Number 3: Attend a live taping of Only A Game | My Monotonous Life

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