Number 3: Attend a live taping of Only A Game

I’m just going to start with this: if you’re not already listening to Only A Game, it’s time to start.

I’m sure I’ve talked about it before, but I grew up in an NPR household. To this day, hearing the opening music for Weekend Edition fills my head with images of my father in front of the stove, his favorite omelette pan in hand, crafting made-to-order omelets for us as we arrived downstairs throughout the morning. I still love to play along with the Sunday Puzzle when I get the chance! I think I surprised myself when, as an adult, I found myself listening to WBUR in the car. Back in the Day when I worked in retail and still owned a car (can I pause to comment on how that feels like a lifetime ago?!), I would listen to Only A Game on my way to the store for the Saturday opening shift. I never caught the whole show, but it was enough to make me fall in love with the show.

It turns out, though, that getting rid of your car leads to a lot less radio listening, so it was a long while until Only A Game worked its way back into my life. I’m pretty sure I missed out on a lot of awesome stories about amazing “sports” – to this day, one of my favorite OAG stories was the one about racing ride-on lawn mowers that I heard one of those Saturday mornings en route to work! Go ahead and do a quick search for “lawn mower racing” while I wait, because if that OAG story from ten+ years ago is any indication it is 100% worth looking for videos!

Now that you’re back…OAG worked its way back into my life when I was doing a lot of solo runs this past winter and started listening to podcasts on my runs. There are a few other podcasts in my regular rotation that I have managed to see live in the last few years (Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me & my boyfriend, Dr. Drew) which proved to be pretty awesome, so the second I heard that OAG was doing a live event?! You know I had to be there. And since it’s sports (ish), I figured it wouldn’t be too difficult to convince Pete to go with me (our tastes in podcasts overlap far more than our tastes in music).

OaG sign

So that’s how Pete and I ended up heading to Somerville Theater last month to see the first ever live taping of Only A Game, in honor of the twentieth anniversary. We were promised music from The Zambonis, who perform exclusively songs about hockey (side note/random fact: The Zambonis frontman has a side project with Adam Gardner, of Guster…one of the few bands that fall into the overlap between Pete and my tastes in music). Also on the agenda: an interview with Bob Kraft and a live chat with Charlie Pierce, who is hilarious and I happen to love.

The show was as fun to watch as I had hoped it would be, and it was very interesting to see how different it was for the OAG folks, who have never done a live taping, compared to the Wait Wait folks a few years back, who tape live every week. Bob Kraft was more entertaining than I expected, and it was a funny coincidence that one of the guests for the show was Meghan Duggan, who is captain of the US National Women’s Hockey team and also happened to have thrown out the ceremonial first pitch at the one Red Sox game that Pete and I have made it to this year…I decided it was a sign and that I should become a fan, and so we’re planning to hit a few Boston Blades games next year to watch her play.

OaG stage

All told? Completely worth the donation to WBUR to get two tickets for this!

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