Number 5: Musical Movie Marathon

Best Picture Winners - Musicals

I’ve been (slowly) working on watching all of the Oscar Best Pictures winners, and decided that as the weather gets colder it would be the perfect time to curl up on the couch and have a movie marathon. I thought it would be fun to try and get in as many of the musicals that have won (only ten!) as possible, so a few weeks ago I got busy adding a few to my Netflix instant queue and then hit up the library website to track down more of them. After a quick bike ride down to Quincy Center this morning to pick up the last DVD I had on hold, I’m all snuggled up on the couch ready to go!

Number Two: Run a 10k

10.16.2011 Firefighters 10k 3

Is this picture like Where’s Waldo? That’s me in the I heart Sweat t-shirt, in case you couldn’t tell. Pictures of people running aren’t very flattering – I look even goofier in the official “finish line” photo than I do in this one that Pete took.

10.16.2011 Firefighters 10k 6So back in August I registered for the Boston Firefighters 10k, which is organized by the Local 718 IAFF, whose union hall is located just off the bike path that we used to run along back when we lived in Dorchester (and which I miss, A LOT). I wasn’t expecting to set any records and I’ve never raced this distance before, but I figured it was something to work towards. Something that would keep me running consistently and would push me beyond the mileage I was used to. Well, it worked! :) I ended up keeping my usual week-day running schedule and adding in a longer run than I was used to on the weekends. I even managed to stick with my training schedule for the most part, which surprised even me! I felt better on my longer runs than I anticipated, and I even convinced Pete to join me on my first six mile run – a distance record for him, too. Unfortunately, that’s where he capped out. When it came time for my seven miler, he ran the first three-ish miles with me and then turned back home while I kept going. Slacker!

10.16.2011 Firefighters 10k 1As for the actual race, Pete played the part of sherpa for the day and carried a bag so I didn’t have to worry about what to do with my warmer layers from before we started or about carrying anything with me while I ran. Thanks, Pete! The weather was pretty perfect – low 60’s and sunny, although the wind could have been a bit less…windy and it would have been okay. The course was pretty scenic – following Gallivan/203 to Morrissey Boulevard, looping around UMass Boston, and then returning along Morrissey Boulevard and Gallivan/203. Nothing fancy, but nice views of Dorchester Bay for most of it (and there were a lot of flashbacks to my 3 Day training walks, as well!). I think there were around 1,200 runners total which meant the course wasn’t very crowded except for the first few minutes after the gun went off and that was really nice. The start was a free-for-all – no corrals or signs to line folks up by pace – and it turns out that I’m not even remotely good at guessing people’s pace by sight, haha! I figured I would try to line myself up to start near some folks that looked about my pace…and I failed miserably. :) In the end, I passed plenty of people and plenty of people passed me, and I finished close to my goal pace. Which is far more than I can ask for when I spent most of the previous day nursing a migraine and alternating between sleeping and nauseous instead of hydrating and relaxing.

I guess the long and short of it is that it was a fun day, I did what I wanted to do running-wise, and I’m looking forward to running this race again next year!

Numbers Six & Seven

10.09.2011 Crockpot BBQ Chicken

Thanks to some motivation, football avoidance, and coming across a tasty looking recipe earlier this week, I managed to make some progress on two of my Fall To Do List items. The Crockpot BBQ Chicken smelled so good while it was cooking that Pete and I were both dying to dig in. College football on TV yesterday meant that I got comfy on the couch in the office, catching up on my TV shows and crocheting the evening away. I finally finished a hat that I started in March of 2009 after I made a hat of the same pattern (in purple, of course) for Emily for her birthday…and then I left it, 80% done, until last weekend when I finally picked it up, frogged it, and started over again!

Not that I ever will the winter to come sooner, but I almost wish it weren’t so unseasonably warm and I could wear this soon…instead, I’ll happily don shorts and flip flops and wait a few months until the weather warrants a super soft, super warm baby alpaca hat!

10.09.2011 Red Hat 1

A List: Things To Do This Fall

Happy first day of fall!

I’m still chipping away at two last items on my Summer To Do List – I have a bike, but I need to get it put together and start riding it. I also have to take a trip to the library tomorrow and pick up the last bit of reading to finish off the Best Minxes list. But now that summer is officially over (boooo!), it’s time to move on…

I have been working on this fall list in my mind for months! I had an awesome summer filled with a lot of adventures, time spent with great friends, and taking 417 pictures. Unfortunately, it also involved what Alannah referred to in one email as “bleeding money”. I’m hoping that the changing seasons will give me some quiet time and be gentler on the wallet. As a consequence, this to do list is a bit shorter, and probably looks less exciting than my Summer one, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to enjoy it just as much. If not more – so here it is:

  1. Visit Martha’s Vineyard If I want to take a trip, I need to plan it myself.
  2. Run a 10k (specifically, this one) DONE!
  3. Read The Penguin Best Books Ever Written: Best Journeys ABORTED!
  4. Learn to take the top off a soft boiled egg (instructors needed! Can you teach me?) Yeah…I didn’t get to this. I’m gonna work on this over the winter.
  5. Have a movie marathon, consisting solely of musicals that won Best Picture (An American in Paris, West Side Story, My Fair Lady, Oliver!) DONE!
  6. Finish at least two of my crochet UFOs I got halfway there! I’ll finish over the winter.
  7. Cook in the crock pot at least twice a month DONE! I just don’t have pictures to prove it.
  8. See the Urban Nutcracker (December 3-18) I should have bought tickets the second I put it on the list. Maybe – hopefully – next year?

As usual, let me know if you want to join me for any of these! Are you planning a calmer fall to recover from a busy summer, too?

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