Number 4: (day twenty) Itsy-Bitsy


I was so excited to eat my first real meal since Thursday night, and then it showed up and the serving was itsy-bitsy. :( You better believe I loved it though! You don’t go 84 hours without a legit meal and not appreciate one – regardless of serving size.

*More on my weekend here.

Number 4: (day nineteen) Workspace


This isn’t the view from my work space, it’s the view from my window at Club MGH* over dinner – the sun setting over Cambridge and the Charles River. Not bad, hey? All of the nurses and doctors told me I had the best view on the floor. I’m pretty sure that this view would make any work day a little bit better.

*About why I was there.

Number 4: (day thirteen) Makes You Laugh


Barley, when he is not being an outright jerk, is a very sweet clown. When I’m working from home, there is usually a point in the afternoon where he insists on being in my lap, despite the fact that there isn’t much room for him there. If I deny him, this is what happens. Well, first, he’ll stand on his hind legs with his front paws on the arm of the chair or on my thigh, begging me to let him up. Then when I ignore him, he settles into this stink eye.

It’s a really good think he’s so cute (and also warm).

Number 4: (day twelve) A Shadow


I was all comfy and warm on the living room cough, listening to WBUR, when Pete got home from the grocery store. I told him that he could turn off the radio and listen to/watch whatever he wanted, and he chased me out of the room by choosing to watch an Ozzy Osbourne concert DVD. I sat down at the desk in the office to transfer, edit, and upload photos from the weekend, and then looked up and saw this. I grabbed the camera, took two quick shots, and then sat down and transferred them to the computer. Before the photos had even finished transferring, these shadows were gone.

Number 4: (day eleven) Something Red

Harpoon 4

We went to the Harpoon Brewery with a few friends today to try and catch one of the last tours and tastings. Unfortunately the tours had sold out by 1:30, and we were out of luck. At least we bought a growler of beer, and there was plenty of “something red”s for me to take pictures of!

Some quick smart phone sleuthing told us that the Blue Hills Brewery was still open for tastings, so off we went to make sure we still got in our fair share of beer tastings. (Well, not me. I don’t drink beer because it’s gross.) We bought more beer there, too.

Pete is distraught that I didn’t want to buy a t-shirt, because I was also handcrafted in Canton, Mass. “These are your people! You should support them!” he kept saying.

You can see a few other photos from both the Harpoon Brewery and Blue Hills Brewery here.