100 Happy Days

I don’t remember where or how I first came across the 100 Happy Days hashtag, but whatever I saw had me intrigued enough to look into it and discover the site behind it. I had been planning to do some kind of “photo a day” project over the winter, and coming across 100 Happy days mid-January fit perfectly…so I dove in. I ended up with 96 photos, two videos, and two days missed. Honestly, I’m shocked that I only missed two days!!

If we’re friends on Instagram you’ve already seen these over the last few months. For the rest of you (or if you want to see them as a collection/in order) I pulled the photos into an album on Flickr so head over there to see all of my 100 Happy Days in the same place, and check out some of my favorites below!


100 Happy Days Snapshot

…and then July happened…

June was so busy that I think we subconsciously kept July a little less planned and more relaxed…and yet we still managed to have a lot of fun.

OpSail Tall Ships were in town the first week of July and I spent a Sunday afternoon wandering along the HarborWalk and checking out some of the festivities.

My creation

The Fourth had us hanging out with friends to grill and enjoy the weather. Oh…and there was some slip and slide action from the kiddos.


The following weekend, I spent a beautiful Sunday afternoon kayaking on the Charles with friends. I love kayaking like you wouldn’t believe (if anyone wants to buy me a kayak for my birthday or Christmas, you will rocket to #1 on my list of Favorite People in the Entire World…and I’ll let you use it occasionally), and I’m not entirely convinced that there’s a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon in the city. Even if there is blue-green algae on the water which may lead to a rash…or possibly death.


You’re probably curious what the cats have been up to throughout the summer. Let me sum that up for you in this one picture of Barley:


On July 13th, Pete and I celebrated our eight anniversary. Remember on our third anniversary when I bought Pete one piece of gum for every day we had been dating (I’m actually not sure I ever blogged about that)? I think he liked this gift better: one bottle of beer for every year we’ve been together. For someone who chooses beers based entirely on aesthetics, all reports indicate that I picked good ones. Also, if you’re curious, the beer only cost $10 more than the gum.

All of the remaining photographic evidence from July is courtesy of my phone – which is to say, not abundant or of great quality. There’s a new ice cream place in Quincy – Molly Moo’s. It’s conveniently located halfway between our house and the beach, so on one particularly nice Saturday afternoon we got some ice cream and then wandered down to the beach to enjoy it. This was our view. Every once in a while I forget that there are parts of Quincy that are downright beautiful, and then I go for a run or a walk along the beach and find myself amazed by how pretty it is.

squantum yacht club

The next weekend was pretty awesome, actually, but the pictures that prove that are crap as they were (again) taken on the phone and it was very dark. We went to see the Summerland tour. Pete and I were in college for the same four years, but the music that each of us remembers from that time is very different…this tour? It was my college years, rolled into one awesome concert – Marcy Playground, Lit, Sugar Ray, Everclear. I’ve never enjoyed watching 40+ year old men run around on stage acting like they were 20-something so much!

And that? That brings us to August!

Good Morning


This is what mornings look like around here lately…sometimes reversed, with Champ in the window and Barley on the chair, and occasionally with both of them sharing the window.

In A Box (Again)


Even after 6ish years, this guy never ceases to make us laugh every day.

I’m in love and it’s a sunny day


Not that we ever really froze this winter, but we’re certainly starting to thaw! This must have been before we opened the window, because once that happens Barley moves to the windowsill and has his little face smooshed against the screen while he soaks up the fresh air.