What working from home looks like

This usually happens first thing in the morning:


There’s a nice view:


Which I especially like when I get to watch snow falling.

And sometimes I have company:


Unfortunately she’s not really great with that whole “collaboration” thing – there’s a lot of her with her eyes closed and me doing all the work! :)

So…June happened…

Umm, you guys? Are you still there? I would apologize for the lack of time I’ve spent here, only I’m not sorry! This summer has been flying by, and between some stressful work stuff and a lot of really fun personal stuff…well, there hasn’t been much in the way of pictures or blog stuff. I’m slowly catching up with the pictures, so I thought I’d catch you all up here, as well! When I started writing this post it included everything since my last post here…and then I realized it was way too much for one post, so here’s our June!

(This may take a while, you should maybe grab a beverage and get comfy.)

Back before even the unofficial start of summer, we bought a picnic table. There’s been a fair amount of this going on all summer long:


Sometimes there are neighbors involved, sometimes there are movies being watched on laptops, and sometimes there are guitars being played.

In early June, I ran a 5-mile race. This is what I look like when I’m running…although I’m sure if there’s no camera pointed at me, I look less happy about it:

Squirrel Run 3 crop

Unfortunately I don’t have pictures to prove it, but the night after that race I went to see Lana in La Boheme, and it was awesome! I do have pictures of the following day, however, when I went to the (poorly executed) Food Truck Festival at UMass Boston with a few friends. We overcame the event’s poor execution with a divide-and-conquer plan, which led to lots of tasty treats and slightly less standing in line than most people experienced. It also led to me discovering the amazing corn salad in the photo, which I have since managed to recreate twice and am obsessed with. A beautiful day on the waterfront with good company and lots of good food…can’t really complain!


The following weekend, Pete ran eight miles from our house to the Harpoon Brewery with our running club, while I drank sangria and celebrated this little one’s third birthday. I’m pretty sure I got the better end of the deal on that one! ;)


Our last weekend in June was a long one, and we flew out to Wisconsin to see Pete’s family and celebrate his cousin Mitch’s high school graduation. We flew into Milwaukee and spent a few hours exploring downtown before we headed to Pete’s parents. We had fun in our short wander, and found more cool stuff than we anticipated. We spent a lot of our time wandering noticing all the differences between Boston and Milwaukee: one month of parking in downtown MKE = one and a half days of parking in downtown BOS. Real Estate is clearly not a premium in MKE, as evidenced by the abundance of above ground parking lots and lack of parking garages. All of the sidewalks in MKE are stamped with the year they poured (and often who poured them), while in BOS our sidewalks are only sometimes stamped, and only with the company that poured them. When it comes to the waterfront, you can see through the clear, blue water in MKE and well…you definitely can’t say that about the water in BOS! The rest of our weekend was spent catching up with Pete’s family and relaxing, which was much needed.

Wis Mosaic

Upon returning, we celebrated this guy’s birthday with our running club. Our running club is pretty amazing, and I really need to spend a separate post talking about that some time.


And then? It was July.

Number 1: Celebrate random (/awesome) holidays often


It’s National Wine Day today, so I’m celebrating appropriately – with a bottle of Seyval Blanc from one of the wineries that Pete and I visited on our trip to the Farm Coast last weekend, Coastal Vineyards.

Keep Cup


I’ve been wanting a Keep Cup for at least a year now, but they’re made by an Aussie company and for a long time the shipping to the US was pretty expensive. A few weeks ago Leyre pointed out to me that they were on Fab, a flash sale site, and I immediately went and bought one. I love that they have smaller sizes (Eight ounces is a tall at Starbucks, and is very hard to find in travel mugs! Keep Cup even has FOUR ounce mugs!), I love that you can personalize it to mark your drink, I love that you can mix and match colors. As small part of me loves that it’s an Aussie company, so I get a little reminder of my Aussie friends when I look at it and see “flat white” as one of the drink options you can choose to mark.

It turns out, I love my Keep Cup even more than I thought I would, which was already a lot! Even better, all the baristas at my most frequently visited Starbucks also love my Keep Cup, and I’m pretty sure I’m working my way quickly up the ladder to become their favorite customer. :) They love that the cup is already marked with my drink, and on the inside is a mark showing where to fill to 8oz, so they know exactly what size drink they need to make. Every time a new barista sees it they get all excited and talk about how cool it is and ask me where I got it, and I won’t lie, it gets me all giddy that I found this awesome product that people haven’t seen before.

And so now I’m making it my mission to spread the word. Buy a Keep Cup! Buy two! I don’t need a travel mug at home, but I’m totally buying one that is all white with an orange band and plug on top. Then tell everyone else you know to buy one, because you’ll love it as much as I do.



Some of the girls at work put together an eight week Healthy Living Challenge, and we’re in week two. This has become one of my favorite snacks – an apple with almond butter. It doesn’t always help me stay under my calorie goal, but it does get my points for eating my fruits!