Crochet, Crochet, Crochet!

I did not do a good job of getting photos of my finished crochet projects while I was on vacation! I
hadn’t taken a lot of photos before I gave Christmas gifts because I knew I couldn’t post them, and I intended to force my family into a mini crochet fashion show so I could get photos while I was in Virginia. I needed photos of the hat I sent Emily for her birthday last February, the hat I sent Mom in September, and the scarf I made Claire for Christmas (unfortunately the hat I made Ben didn’t fit him, so I need to start a new one). I got photos of not a single one of those things. Maybe Emily and Mom will read this, take photos, and send them to me so I can share them, too! ;)

In the meantime, here are a few photos of the scarf that I made for Pete’s mom. I wanted to make something that would match the hat I made her last year without being super matchy-matchy, and I think it worked. The purple yarn here is the same that I used for her hat, and the granny pattern is similar to a few rows of granny-esque stitches in the hat as well. Hopefully it’s keeping her toasty warm out in Wisconsin! If you’re on Ravelry, you can find the project details right here.

I still have some of the multi-colored yarn (seen right here) left. I love the colors, but I haven’t figured out what to do with it. It’s not enough for another entire scarf, but too much to just write off…suggestions welcome!

I’m also working on an blanket that is a belated Christmas gift for my newest niece, Adele. I don’t have a very good progress shot, but here’s a bit of a sneak peak. Sorry for the quality, the photo was taken with my phone…you’ll have to be patient and wait till I can get the entire thing finished for a better look! I’m not joking about the patience, it takes much longer to make 76 individual squares and put them all together than I thought it would! Next time: afghan pattern made continuously instead of with granny squares. The up-side is that when you’re making 76 of the same pattern square over and over again, each one looks a bit better than the last!


Chip, chip, chipping away at my Fall To Do list!

It’s very possible that it’s been almost a year since I was at the ICA – when Rob and Carita were visiting last December. That’s far too long, especially when you take into account that I get free admission thanks to a corporate sponsorship from work. I’m dumb and missed the Charles LeDray: workworkworkworkwork  exhibit that I was interested in, but I was pleasantly surprised by the Mark Bradford one that’s currently there. Particularly his piece titled Scorched Earth, which you can see if you check out the slide show on that last link.

I should probably back up a bit…before I made it to the ICA, I stopped by KO Catering & Pies to feed my latest obsession. That is, anything and everything they make! They’re a quick T ride from our apartment, and a one mile walk from the ICA – how convenient! I noshed on my classic with cheese, then bundled up and walked through the not-so-scenic corner of Southie/Fort Point. Once I got to very up-and-coming corner of Fort Point (you’ll know it by the recently finished and now for sale luxury condos and the Barbara Lynch restaurants) I happily stumbled across and into the Fort Point Artists Community shop. I’m pretty sure I saw about a million things I wanted to buy, but Christmas season = no buying for me, only buying gifts and I left empty handed.
Just seeing the ICA across the barren parking lots on the waterfront makes me happy – it’s a beautiful building inside and out. I love the boardwalk that wraps around it, and the views of the harbor that it offers. I love knowing that once I get inside there will be equally beautiful (and much warmer, these days!) views to enjoy alongside whatever awesomeness they have hanging in the galleries. It doesn’t hurt that getting into and out of the elevator includes signs marking each floor in my favorite color. ;)
I didn’t take any photos of the Bradford exhibit. I was carrying my camera in my hand and at one point one of the docents/guards/whatever was following me around the gallery to the point where I was pretty sure that she was just waiting for me to try and take a photo so she could tell me I wasn’t allowed to. In the end, she cornered me to spout her thoughts and feelings about one of the pieces, which I could have done without. She was a bit awkward and I didn’t find her insights that informative or useful. I never did decide whether she just needed to talk to someone about the exhibit or if she really was waiting to pounce if I lifted my camera.
I’m pretty sure I could have sat for hours on a bench in the Founders Gallery, soaking up the gorgeous view of the harbor. I did stay there for a while, but not hours, before moving on to the permanent collection. And the permanent collection was inspiring, as usual. I love the mix of media they always have – sculpture, paintings, photographs, sound, video. If only the other museum patrons realized that proper museum etiquette (at least to me) means that you actually go into the rooms in which the video pieces are playing, not just standing in and blocking the doorway for anyone else that might be interested!
Regardless of awkward docents and annoying patrons, I really can’t complain about any trip to the ICA. Am I gushing like teenager in love? I feel a little bit like one. If I’m going to be a football widow, I might as well have a good crush (or two or three) to spend my time with while Pete is at home footballing it up! ;)

Girls Day

This morning I met Leyre and Amy for brunch (we missed you, Lana!) at Sel de la Terre, where we enjoyed mimosas and rather tasty food for essentially free – happy birthday to me, from the bossman! I highly recommend the SDLT Burger. I know, I go to a nice French restaurant and order a burger. What’s wrong with me?! I’ve had dinner there before, so I’ve sampled the tasty French fair – and the burger was delicious! Warning – if you go there for brunch and order a side of bacon, they will bring you approximately one pound of tasty bacon. Be prepared!

After brunch, we meandered along the Fens to the MFA. We passed on checking out the new wing (it looked crazy crowded) and headed for some exhibits that were rather appropriate for a girls day – Avedon Fashion 1944-2000 and Scassi: American Couturier.

I’ve always associated Avedon more with his amazing portraits, but his fashion work is equally awe inspiring! There were a few that I particularly loved, and I am going to have to head back before January to admire them again.

We also came across another photo exhibit – Nicholas Nixon: Family Album. This was a much smaller, but equally inspiring collection. Nothing beats watching a lady touching the glass of the framed photos and dragging her fingers along it! Don’t people know you don’t touch things in museums?! Aside from the smudges she left behind, it was a pretty incredible series of thirty-six total photos – four sisters, always standing in the same order, photographed annually since 1975.

The Scassi exhibit was one that I happened to catch sight of on the MFA site and thought we should check out – and it was pretty cool! I’d never heard the name before, but Scassi has been making made to order clothing in New York since the 50’s, dressing the likes of Barbara Streisand, Ivana Trump, and Barbara and Laura Bush, to name a few. It was a small exhibit – about a dozen dresses total, but there were a few among them that I wouldn’t mind owning!

ETA: I had forgotten when I first posted this that it was on my Fall To Do List – cross another one off, woohoo! I am actually one post behind on the list, I did make it to East Boston back in October, and I’ll work on getting that posted in the next few days. Technically that should maybe only count for half of a thing, but you’ll have to wait for me to get that post up to hear that story!

Now that I’ve looked at the list again, I guess you could call me two posts behind on that list. I have in fact been crochet, crochet, crocheting! I’ll have to see if there’s a way for me to take some pictures to prove it without giving away Christmas gifts before they are unwrapped. :)

The Hamptons (daaaaaahling)

You guys! I’m making progress on my fall to do list! This here is evidence of number four. And an awesome weekend.  

Four of us drove down together and thoroughly enjoyed our extended girls time – we usually manage a girls night each month, but 36 hours in a row? Now that’s a girls weekend! We got lucky and had gorgeous weather for our drive and ferry rides. With no major snafus we made it to Sag Harbor with plenty of time to pop into Bay Burger to surprise Joe and get a ridiculously delicious lunch. And because it was my first time there (and will absolutely not be my last!), we documented it. Can you tell I was excited? You guys?! I have a ridiculously high bar when it comes to burgers, and this burger? It cleared that bar easily. SO GOOD.

After lunch we headed over to the shower to cook and set up. The shower was at a property owned by Peconic Land Trust, and I was pretty impressed when we first pulled up in front of the house. But when I walked through the doors? Yeah, I thought I’d died and gone to my mid century modern heaven. If we could take that house and all it’s furnishings and artwork and move it to an urban setting? Yes, please! I’ll take it! But enough of my babbling – click here  to see a slideshow  of the house and Liza’s shower. 

Urban Adventures: East Boston

I’ve never been to East Boston, which is a little embarrassing to admit when you’ve spent the majority of your life living in and around Boston. It was never for lack of encouragement – from co-workers past and present, a friend from college, Boston foodies, and one of my favorite massage therapists – but for lack of motivation…but I have finally managed to get myself there. Thanks, in large part, to the internet scouring I did when putting together my Fall To Do List. Well…turns out my internet scouring (and inability to read things closely) led to me searching for an open studios event that didn’t exist, an amazingly lengthy Columbus Day Parade, a ridiculously delicious lunch, and some very sweet desserts!

Now that I’ve finally visited, I’ll be back. I’ve got a list started for places to go eat and it’s sure to grow once I start telling my Eastie friends that I’m working on it. But first on the list? First on the list is to go back to Santarpio’s with Pete and get some of their legendary pizza! I had lunch there when I took a break from the zillions of Shriners that were in the Columbus Day Parade, but they only have whole pizzas. I can put away a lot of pizza, but I was pretty sure I couldn’t put away an entire one by myself, so I had the sausage platter instead. It was delicious. And now I have a good reason to drag Pete back there!

After my lunch, I headed back out to the parade still in progress (did I mention it was incredibly lengthy? At this point it was going on 2 hours with no end in sight), and followed along the parade route towards my next stop….dessert!

Let me interrupt the food talk here to say THANK GOD I didn’t just wander away from the parade, or I would have missed a high school marching band playing Poker Face. What?! I know! It was awesome. And I failed to get my phone out in time to provide you with any evidence of it, so you’ll have to make do with this video of a completely different marching band performing it almost as well. You know what we didn’t play in my marching band days? Awesome arrangements of current pop songs.

Now back to the food talk. Dessert. Just outside the Maverick T Stop is La Sultana Bakery, and you should go there. You may want to bring a Spanish interpreter or a sense of adventure – I’m fairly certain I was the only one speaking English in there. The girls working did speak English, although when I asked what the one super delicious looking dessert was, I didn’t pay close enough attention and so I have no idea what it was that I brought home. I also got a piece of the tiramisu, which Yelp told me I would love (it was right). I brought dessert home to share with Pete, because I am an awesome girlfriend. I will be going back there, because in addition to delicious baked goods they also serve pupusas and empanadas, which I am very interesting in shoving into my mouth and devouring.

I guess this is a half checkmark for my Fall To Do List – yes to East Boston and lunch at Santarpio’s, but no to Open Studios! I’m still calling it a success.