What working from home looks like

This usually happens first thing in the morning:


There’s a nice view:


Which I especially like when I get to watch snow falling.

And sometimes I have company:


Unfortunately she’s not really great with that whole “collaboration” thing – there’s a lot of her with her eyes closed and me doing all the work! :)

Keep Cup


I’ve been wanting a Keep Cup for at least a year now, but they’re made by an Aussie company and for a long time the shipping to the US was pretty expensive. A few weeks ago Leyre pointed out to me that they were on Fab, a flash sale site, and I immediately went and bought one. I love that they have smaller sizes (Eight ounces is a tall at Starbucks, and is very hard to find in travel mugs! Keep Cup even has FOUR ounce mugs!), I love that you can personalize it to mark your drink, I love that you can mix and match colors. As small part of me loves that it’s an Aussie company, so I get a little reminder of my Aussie friends when I look at it and see “flat white” as one of the drink options you can choose to mark.

It turns out, I love my Keep Cup even more than I thought I would, which was already a lot! Even better, all the baristas at my most frequently visited Starbucks also love my Keep Cup, and I’m pretty sure I’m working my way quickly up the ladder to become their favorite customer. :) They love that the cup is already marked with my drink, and on the inside is a mark showing where to fill to 8oz, so they know exactly what size drink they need to make. Every time a new barista sees it they get all excited and talk about how cool it is and ask me where I got it, and I won’t lie, it gets me all giddy that I found this awesome product that people haven’t seen before.

And so now I’m making it my mission to spread the word. Buy a Keep Cup! Buy two! I don’t need a travel mug at home, but I’m totally buying one that is all white with an orange band and plug on top. Then tell everyone else you know to buy one, because you’ll love it as much as I do.

Protective Custody


I can’t keep my hands off my camera now that it has that new lens on it, and it was a slow morning at work, so here’s a picture of one of the plants that I took custody of. It’s a Christmas Cactus that was left behind by someone that now works from home, and some of the girls in staffing told me they would be happy to take care of it. They lied, and I got tired of walking to other side of the floor to water it (when I would remember), so I finally brought it back to my desk to add to my little jungle and (hopefully) bring back to good health.

Beauty as Duty


I was at the MFA for a work event in honor of Women’s History Month…in addition to a guided tour, there was networking with other ladies from work, wine, and some cheese (and crackers and veggies, but I think we all know that I only cared about the cheese). Anyway, we were given a tour of the Beauty as Duty exhibit by the woman that curated the exhibit, which was pretty awesome and has completely spoiled me for seeing museum exhibits any other way.  How do I get curator led tours all the time? I need to work on making that happen.

I knew as soon as I walked into the room that I would love this exhibit. I’ve been wholly immersed lately in books and TV shows set in Britain, set anywhere in the few years before WWI to just after WWII (Downton Abbey and Maisie Dobbs, anyone?), so of course it would happen that the exhibit we were seeing was about WWII Britain! I had to laugh as I realized it, as I had RSVP’d to the event without paying any attention to what we would actually be seeing at the museum. After I walked into the room, I turned to the wall with the exhibit write up (Is there a technical term for that? You know what I’m talking about – the bigger blurb on the wall right at the start?), and there was a photo of Winston Churchill – by Yousuf Karsh, hands down one of my favorite portrait photographers. Clearly I was meant to see this exhibit!

If you’re in Boston, check the exhibit out! I’m pretty sure it will be interesting, even if you don’t get a guided tour from the curator…plus, I accept bribes (small ones work, I’m easy) and would be happy to see it again and share my knowledge! ;)

Number 4: (the start) Take One Photo A Day

At Work

I’ve seen two different sets of prompts for a February Photo A Day – here and here. A nice coincidence when taking one photo every day for a month is on my winter to do list! I put both prompts on my calendar for each day this month so that I’m not 100% responsible for coming up with a photo idea by myself each day. This should be fun.

Today I went with prompt number two – you. Soooo….this is me. At work. On a call* (can you spot my headset?). Do you ever see a picture of yourself and think “Oh! That’s what I look like?!” That’s what happened when I looked at this one. I’m not sure what it is, but even after spending a few minutes editing the photo and uploading it and then putting it here, I still feel a little surprised every time I look at it.

A few other quick tidbits:
– Another woman that sits on my floor was wearing this same sweater today. We ran into each other twice, even though we usually only run into each other twice a week…probably because our sweaters recognized each other as kinfolk and wanted to say hello.
– I’m growing my hair out a bit and because I’m in between cuts it looks much better wavy or curly than it does straight, which is how I’ve been wearing it most of the time lately. Today I used a product that’s meant to “enhance” curls, and apparently it works because I got at least half a dozen compliments on my curls. I guess people prefer curly hair!
– I have spent the last 4 years working on very virtual teams. Until six months ago, my manager and I were the only two people on our team that are located in Boston. I spend a lot of time on calls and I rarely ever meet the people I work closely with face to face. I was super excited today to find out that a woman who I worked very closely with for a year and a half is in Boston for the next week and a half, and we went out for dinner tonight. I can’t tell you how awesome it is to finally get to put a face with a name and a voice and a personality! It’s always weird to explain to people that I have never met 90% of the people I’ve worked with for the last six years.
– I’m kind of excited for this photo a day…I hope that feeling lasts!

* I swear I was paying attention, you can totally prop your camera up on a stack of books and take self-timer shots and still be hearing everything discussed on the call.