(Summer) Number 1: Buy a bike and ride it

11.12.2011 Bike at beach

I’m finally checking this one off my Summer To Do List! You already knew I bought a bike, but I ran into some trouble putting it together. I eventually gave up and brought it to an awesome local bike shop (seriously, I can’t recomend those guys enough) to finish up the job. They called while I was out running errands yesterday to let me know it was ready and I picked it up and bought a helmet from them on my way home. This morning I rode down to Quincy center to pick up a few things I had on hold at the library, and then rode down to the beach and then home. I am TERRIFIED of making left-hand turns across traffic and being doored – especially in Quincy where there aren’t a lot of bikers so drivers aren’t used to sharing the road. Despite that, I actually made three easy and safe left turns using a left turn lane (and once just hopped off my bike and used the crosswalk to get through the intersection).

It was beautiful out, pretty perfect biking weather – cool enough to keep you from getting sweaty but not so cold that you can’t keep warm. I mapped out my trip and it turns out it was 6.3 miles…no wonder my butt was so sore!! Guess I need to ease into riding while my butt gets used to a bike seat. :)

Thomas Crane

9.24.2011 Library 1

I really am trying to finish up the Best Minxes list, but the library isn’t helping me very much – no dice on finding Baby Doll at the Quincy Library, but it looks like I can get it at the Boston Public Library, so I need to get myself to Copley soon.

Number 1: Buy a bike and ride it

9.20.2011 Bike in box

I’m halfway there! I bought a bike. Now I just have to figure out how to put it together, buy a helmet, and then I can ride it.

Number 8: Celebrate a feast in the North End

9.11.2011 Festival 3

Number 7: Picnic for Shakespeare on the Common

All's Well 2

Gorgeous Friday night, good friends, tasty eats, good wine, great entertainment. The Commonwealth Shakespeare Company did an amazing job with Shakespeare on the Common. As usual. I’m always so impressed with the set and lighting design, and this year was no different. I almost wish I hadn’t waited until closing weekend to go so I could force you all to go, too. So great!