A List: Things To Do This Fall

Happy first day of fall!

I’m still chipping away at two last items on my Summer To Do List – I have a bike, but I need to get it put together and start riding it. I also have to take a trip to the library tomorrow and pick up the last bit of reading to finish off the Best Minxes list. But now that summer is officially over (boooo!), it’s time to move on…

I have been working on this fall list in my mind for months! I had an awesome summer filled with a lot of adventures, time spent with great friends, and taking 417 pictures. Unfortunately, it also involved what Alannah referred to in one email as “bleeding money”. I’m hoping that the changing seasons will give me some quiet time and be gentler on the wallet. As a consequence, this to do list is a bit shorter, and probably looks less exciting than my Summer one, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to enjoy it just as much. If not more – so here it is:

  1. Visit Martha’s Vineyard If I want to take a trip, I need to plan it myself.
  2. Run a 10k (specifically, this one) DONE!
  3. Read The Penguin Best Books Ever Written: Best Journeys ABORTED!
  4. Learn to take the top off a soft boiled egg (instructors needed! Can you teach me?) Yeah…I didn’t get to this. I’m gonna work on this over the winter.
  5. Have a movie marathon, consisting solely of musicals that won Best Picture (An American in Paris, West Side Story, My Fair Lady, Oliver!) DONE!
  6. Finish at least two of my crochet UFOs I got halfway there! I’ll finish over the winter.
  7. Cook in the crock pot at least twice a month DONE! I just don’t have pictures to prove it.
  8. See the Urban Nutcracker (December 3-18) I should have bought tickets the second I put it on the list. Maybe – hopefully – next year?

As usual, let me know if you want to join me for any of these! Are you planning a calmer fall to recover from a busy summer, too?

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  1. Thanks for the link-back! Nice to "meet" you!

  2. Where is "Visit Nantucket"?? ha ha

  3. Rainbow – I've never been to the Vineyard, so I decided I would go there and confirm my belief that Nantucket is really the awesomer of the two islands. ;)

  1. To Do: Fall 2013 | My Monotonous Life

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