To Do: Fall 2013

I’m the most delinquent blogger on earth! But let’s not dwell on my horrible (/nonexistent) blogging habits, let’s admire this adorable guy and talk about what I’m going to do this fall!


Fall…everyone’s favorite season! Pumpkin everything! Sweaters! Scarves! Pretty leaves! I don’t usually have an issue with the fall, but this year it’s making me cranky. I’m already hating that it’s never sunny when my alarm goes off and that it’s nearly dark before I’m halfway through my run at night. I’m already cranky about the colder temperatures. I’m already feeling the pull to hibernate every night after work instead of heading to bootcamp or out with my peeps for a run. It’s usually November before all of that starts to kick in, so I’ve been thinking about what to put on my Fall To Do List and I’m hoping that it’s going to help reverse some of the fall dislike I’ve been feeling!

So without further ado, here’s what I’m going to be doing this fall (with a cozy sweater and scarf on, a pumpkin beverage in my hand, and a smile on my face, perhaps?):

  1. Ride the Minuteman Bikeway
  2. Spend an awesome weekend in Philly with my sisters DONE!
  3. Finish designing and print our 2012 Sarah & Pete photo album
  4. Celebrate my birthday by sipping tasty wines with some of my favorite ladies DONE!
  5. Set a new 10k PR DONE!
  6. Tour the Taza Chocolate Factory
  7. Start busting my yarn stash, aka get my crojo back
  8. Snuggle down with a blanket (and maybe a cat) to spend a gloomy day watching a Hitchcock marathon DONE!

What’s on your Fall To Do list?? If you’re looking for inspiration, check out some of my past lists: Fall 2011| Fall 2010

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  1. Fall makes me cranky too :-/ I am a summer girl and get depressed as soon as it starts getting dark & cool… let me know when you hit the bike trail, I’ve been reading about it and it looks so awesome!

  2. I love fall. I love the cool, gloomy weather. I think there’s something wrong with me haha. I have to admit though- it seems like everything is happening too fast! It’s dark all the time and I wasn’t prepared for that :(

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