Fall 2013, Number 2: The City of Sisterly Love

That’s what they call it, right? The City of Sisterly Love?

So the goal, as it relates to my Fall To Do List, was to “Spend an awesome weekend in Philly with my sisters” and I think it’s safe to say that I crushed this goal. 

Because I’ve put off blogging about this long enough, I’m going to stick with the “things I don’t want to forget” format I’ve been falling back on for recent travels (see here and here) while pointing you to my photos over here. Without further ado, here’s my list:

– Free sangria upon arriving in the hotel lobby? Don’t mind if I do!

– We ate really well! Dinners at Alma de Cuba and The Dandelion, lunch from Melt Kraft in the Reading Terminal Market, brunch at Schlesingers.

– On Saturday morning I was wide awake at the usual hour but Emily and Jennifer, without children to wake them, slept in. I ended up catching the tail end of the sunrise from our hotel balcony, then heading out for a walk to get Starbucks and explore the neighborhood. Much to my surprise, there were streams of 3 Day walkers passing by when I walked out of the hotel! I gave high fives, told them they were awesome, and chatted with a few walkers that I bumped into at Starbucks. It brought back a lot of awesome memories (you can read about those here if you have the desire…and a lot of free time)!

– Oh, Reading Terminal Market! You get me every time with your delicious food and overwhelming amounts of…everything.

– Saturday night we were up way past my bedtime. I ended up overtired and having giggle fits while trying to fall asleep. Obviously it was Emily and Jennifer’s fault, so I made sure they knew that I didn’t appreciate them keeping me up so late…and sympathizing with how their children feel when they are driven to overtired-ness.

– On Sunday morning I had a long run (seven miles) to get in. Luckily, one of my running peeps went to school in Philly and was quick to give me an easy running route, which also happened to be scenic. First mile: Museum Mile, culminating at the Rocky Statue and Stairs! Follow that with 6 miles out and back along the river whose name no one can properly pronounce, complete with great views of Boathouse Row. Also views of some wildlife (I think it was a groundhog), people on elliptical bike contraptions, and a team of rollerbladers skating blading in formation like Olympic speed skaters.

I think Sister Weekend in Philly needs to become an annual affair.

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