Fall 2013, Number 4: Celebrate My Birthday…

…by sipping tasty wines with some of my favorite ladies. (That’s a long one.)

When I first hatched this plan, I had every intention of heading back to the Farm Coast to visit one of the wineries that Pete and I visited and loved. By the time actual planning was happening, I decided that there are so many wineries around here that I shouldn’t be repeating any…just yet. A new plan was formed: tour and tasting at Newport Vineyards followed by some meandering through and dinner in Newport.

Newport Vineyards, Rhode Island

We did both the tour and the tasting. The tour was quick and educational. I think the last time I actually did a tour of a vineyard was in elementary school on a family trip to California. I have vague memories of a photo op pretending to smash grapes, and zero memories of the winemaking process. These guys did a great job including information about what makes their vineyard unique without sounding too sales-pitchy, and gave us a high level overview of the winemaking process.

After we all became wine-making experts, we moved into their tasting tent and got down to the real reason we were there: with five of us all willing to share tastes, we managed to sample the majority of the thirty seven wines they make. The two gentlemen working the tasting were great about making suggestions when we weren’t sure what to try next, and offered sometimes hilarious commentary when we were deciding between two specific wines – “this one is like a shovel of strawberries in the face” being so hilarious at the time that I actually made a note of it on my tasting cheat sheet. In the end, we bought two cases of wine between the five of us. I guess we liked the place!

Newport Vineyards Wine Tasting

After finishing at the winery, we headed into Newport (the Vineyards are actually in Middletown, just North of Newport) and did some meandering and shopping, and finished the night off with dinner at The Red Parrot. Dinner was tasty, and between the ability to continue window shopping while we waited for our table (their pagers have a one block radius) and the variety of food available, it was the perfect way to end our night.

Birthday Girls Day? Success!

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