Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

(Kind of like my occasional Currently posts)

Can’t stop won’t stop…

…watching The Good Wife. Three seasons down in about a month? Great cold weather binge watching!

…listening to Frank Turner. This is the song that he opened his show with when we saw him at House of Blues a few weeks ago, and it’s been in my head ever since. If you have ~15 minutes, watch his NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert (and enjoy those dimples).  The song below might be my fav of his (and was included in the London Olympics opening ceremony).

…reading the Divergent series. I’ve had this series on my “read those!” list for a long time now, but seeing the trailer for the first movie before Catching Fire prompted me to do so STAT. I have been reading in every free moment since (well…every free moment that isn’t taken up by Good Wife, haha).

…eating mac and cheese (specifically: Annie’s shells & white cheddar). At least once a week. Usually the entire box by myself (don’t judge), but occasionally I share with Pete. Sometimes I throw in frozen peas, because adding veggies makes it healthy.

…plotting and planning for 2014. This year has flown past and been so awesome and so not awesome in so many different ways. I’m excited to see what next year will bring, and finding it harder than usual to enjoy the good stuff that’s happening right now instead of thinking about the next thing.

…looking forward to my upcoming vacation (and Christmas and New Years)! T-minus 6 days until I fly to Virginia, and Boss Lady flat out told me to take an extra two days off instead of bringing my computer with me to work remotely (have I ever mentioned that I have a great Boss Lady?). I can’t wait to hug a whole bunch of my favorite people!


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