To Do: Spring 2013

Happy Spring!

Happy Spring! There was a whole lot of whining around the office because it snowed yesterday and there is all kinds of snow and ice and slush on the ground “but it’s the first day of spring!”…but it wasn’t coming from me. I’m really looking forward to this spring but I also love all the snow we’ve had this winter! Also, a great run along the beach at sunset with the running club? Awesome way to ring in the new season.

Aside from the change of seasons, I’m looking forward to getting back into my “to do list” habit, too! A few of these are actually carried over from last summer, when there was so much fun happening that wasn’t on my list that I didn’t manage to squeeze in everything that was. I won’t complain if that happens again (who complains about having more fun than they intended to?!), but I do hope I can get through this list!

  1. Get back into a regular workout (not just running!) routine DONE
  2. Check out the observation deck at the Marriott Custom House
  3. Cuddle a Koala…or a WOMBAT. A BABY WOMBAT!!! DONE
  4. Spend a rainy day watching a Hitchcock Movie Marathon
  5. Reclaim the office/guest room from current “dumping ground” status
  6. Visit the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum
  7. Take my bike to the shop to be fixed and take loooooong bike rides

What’s on your Spring To Do list? What to join me for any of mine?

If you’re looking for inspiration for your own Spring to do list, check out some of my past ones: Spring 2012 | Spring 2011

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  1. OMFG! A wombat! You must video tape your cuddling.

    I have been meaning to get to the tea party place.

    • A friend of mine is working at the Tea Party Ships and Museum and says it’s really great – definitely need to get myself there.

      You KNOW I will get pictures of me with the baby wombat. I was all excited to cuddle a koala, and then I saw the note on the site about baby wombats, and realized I really don’t care about koalas, haha.

  2. I hope #1 involves bootcamp! Once I actually get a bike you should show me some good places to ride :)

    • Yes! #1 will deffo involve bootcamp, as soon as they’re back outside.

      I found a few longer bike rides I had fun with last spring that I will fill you in on….and I want up ride some/all of the Minuteman Trail from Alewife to Lexington this year, too.

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