Friday I’m in Love

This Friday, I’m in Love with…

1. CHAMP! She’s earning new nicknames lately: piggy pants, destructo kitty, tornado kitty. The other day she was running around so crazy that she got tangled in Pete’s earphone cords that were dangling from the table, and the cord snapped in half. Yeah. Destructo kitty in the house. She has also started the lovely new habit of arriving at the foot of the bed around 6 AM and starting a wrestling match with Barley. EVERY MORNING.

2. My hobbit jade plant. I bought this a few months back because I’ve wanted a jade plant for a long time, and it’s been thriving. I’ve been told that the red tips mean the plant is happy. It’s about double the size it was when I first got it, and if I can keep the cats out of it’s pot, it just might keep growing and end up ginormous.

3. My new Bungalow 360 Owl Bag (love them!). I wanted a bigger bag that I could fit lunch, a water bottle, and my school books in, and I’d had my eye on this one for a while. I finally caved and bought it a week ago. I do not regret this one iota.

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