Number 3: I Heart Kayaking

6.21.11 Vacation 41

I’ve been interested in learning to kayak for a while now, and bought a deal on Living Social for a rental on the Charles River last summer (soon to be put to good use). I was pretty excited when the house we were staying in on vacation had a kayak, and it only took me a day to gather the courage to try it out. I’m not a huge fan of swimming in lake/pond water, so I was pretty not-excited about getting into the kayak from the dock and falling in. It turns out it was not an issue at all, woohoo! And it turns out I totally love kayaking! And so does Pete. And Leyre.

6.21.11 Vacation 40

Leyre and I are planning to take the Intro to Kayaking class at Charles River Canoe and Kayak. Then we will proceed to kayak our little arms off! I do hope there’s a lot of kayaking in my future, and I’m super glad to have finally checked “learn to kayak” off my life list.
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  1. Wow…that ridiculous life vest (and pointless, I'm pretty sure it wasn't going to save anyone's life) makes it look like I was kayaking naked. I assure you I was clothed under there!


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