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I haven’t really gotten through all of my photos yet (I had about 2 hours between getting home from the airport and heading out for class, and then got home and caught up on a few things and headed to bed…now back to work and the real world!) but I’m hoping to get through them all over the next two nights, so I’ll be back posting more photos from the weekend and putting together a Kodak Gallery album for everyone to enjoy.

While I haven’t dug through all my photos, I did get a COUNT, and it turns out that Alannah is the big winner with her guess of 296, because I actually took 295! Lana, I have your prize and I’ll send it out in the next few days. :)

This photo above is the pink feather trail that you could follow for the entire route, all three days. There were enough feather boas or hats with feathers or whatever that they were shedding all weekend long, and you’d come across a single feather periodically. If you couldn’t see walkers ahead of you wearing mostly pink to know you were on the right path, you could almost always find a feather! That’s Emily and Alyssa that you can see walking…and some really boring road in Northern VA with no sidewalk.

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  1. DUDE! That’s awesome! I am so super psychic ;) i did go over though, so on Price is Right, I would be screwed! Maybe that’s why I hate that show ;)

  2. BTW- I don’t need a present :)

  3. I know you don’t NEED a prize, but you’re getting one because I kind of think the prize I found is awesome. :)


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