I went to Starbucks today to do some reading and start putting together my presentation for class this week. I couldn’t focus, so I broke out the camera and started playing. It didn’t take long before I gave up on studying and headed home. Via FYE, to buy an XBox 360. And now we’re searching for a new TV because the 360 has exposed how horrible ours is, so anyone who finds a good deal on a 24″-ish flat panel should let me know.

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  1. I say hold out another week, most places should have their deals on TVs posted by Tuesday for “Black Friday”. Given the current state of affairs, should be able to grab a good one, cheap, online and pick it up next time you get a car. ~PJ

  2. Yup, that’s what I’m hoping for. I was hoping to get a good deal if a Circuit City was closing (no luck at the local Tweeters) but they’re not closing the MA stores! I’m pretty confident we can find one for a price we’re willing to pay during the holiday sales craziness.

  3. Just FYI: I posted more photos of your favorite church on my blogs today. Check it out here and here.

  4. I think I’m in a bit of a “baby/kid” rut with my photography, so seeing your variety of photos is so refreshing.I’ve seen a lot of places advertising “early” Black Friday sales, FWIW.

  5. Kimberly – just wait…it’s starting to get cold here, and that means that soon you’ll be inundated with photos of the cats because I won’t be willing to expose my fingers to the cold!


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