And now back to your regularly scheduled programming

Here we go…10 on Tuesday!

1. It’s a new year and, of course, everyone is thinking and talking about resolutions. I’ve got some goals for 2009 in my head (and even some on paper), but I really hate the word resolution.

2. My personal goals for 2009: floss daily, eat breakfast daily, exercise three days a week, bring lunch to work four days a week, cook one new recipe each month.

3. I’ve dubbed 2009 the Year of Green…money saving, healthier eating, replacing bad habits with good ones. I don’t know how I got it in my head that I needed a color to associate with this year and my goals, but green jumped to mind immediately. Green is a sign of new growth and fresh beginnings, all the veggies I should be eating, all the money I should be saving…it seemed appropriate.

4. Among the goals in my head: get back on track with regular blog posts (10 on Tuesday, Friday I’m in Love) and start a new one (Thankful Thursdays) to act as a gratitude journal.

5. When I say things like “gratitude journal” it makes me feel even more like a hippy than I usually do. Am I a hippy? I might be…the kind that wears shoes when out in public and takes showers regularly, at least.

6. Emails have been flying around this week about our upcoming vacation to NH, and it makes me hope this month flies by…helllloooo vacation, I cannot wait to see you again!

7. We discovered in the past week that we have weddings on two consecutive days in opposite sides of Wisconsin (Milwaukee, River Falls). I’m hoping we can pull off both with the 5ish hour drive in between. I think it would be fun to drive across WI and count the collapsing barns. It also happens that the Brewers are in town the few days before the Milwaukee wedding, and the Twins are in town the day after the River Falls wedding. I think I see two more ballparks being crossed off the list!

8. Now that it’s officially the end of the holiday season (hope you remembered to leave some wine out for Babaganoush Le Befana tonight!), I’m completely over winter. I don’t need cold unless it’s getting me into the holiday spirit. Or bringing me a beautiful snow storm. 6-8 inches would be perfect, thanks. Otherwise? I’ll take anything over 50 degrees, thanks.

9. I think my flip from “I love the holiday season!” to “I HATE THE COLD” is the reason I’ve been thinking so much about vacations (in February curled up in front of the fireplace, in July/August at baseball games and weddings) the past few days.

10. It is not possible for me to watch Biggest Loser without crying. Or eating something completely unhealthy. 
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  1. HA! I love #10… so random and awesome after your sincere 1-9. Good luck in your Green year. And wohoo, vacation!

  2. Haha, I know. To be honest I had written 1-9 earlier in the day, but ran out of steam and was interupted before I came up with 10. That one came once I’d had dinner, put on PJs, had leftover chocolate fondue for dessert, and was editing photos in front of the TV. :) But seriously, I don’t know a single person that DOESN’T sit around eating completely unhealthy things while watching Biggest Loser.

  3. Totally agree with number 10 – its not possible. Wallaby


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