…absolutely loving Barley’s aggressive morning snuggles

missing vacation something fierce…it’s been a rough re-entry at work

Lookout Mountain

spending my work days listening to all the 90s punk that got me through my thesis in college

binge listening to old episodes of The Lively Show podcast on my commute and runs – SO GOOD

trying to get back to a regular workout routine now that my knee is healed

nearing the end of the full series of Friends…it’s almost embarrassing how quickly I’ve made it through all ten seasons

plotting future adventures (is that even worth listing? Am I not always doing this?)

getting excited about a birthday girls night with my besties

struggling with the changing seasons and shorter days

enjoying the return of fall TV


Crocuses on the Greenway, Boston MA

falling in love with swimming.

struggling to break my Soda Saga/Cookie Jam addiction.

avoiding my to do lists so I can enjoy the warmer, sunnier weather.

resisting the urge to register for every road race someone brings to my attention.

feeling like a sucker when I register for every other athletic/fitness event that a friend brings to my attention. 

working (slowly) on organizing and backing up my digital photo library.

listening to podcasts while I slog through my work day.

The Cat Empire @ Royale, Boston MA

coming down from the high of an amazing The Cat Empire show a few nights ago.

waiting impatiently for the magnolias and cherry blossoms to show their faces so that it will really feel like spring.