One of the blogs that I read regularly talked about tips for sticking with a photo a day project. It said that you should take one photo in the morning, because the day will get away from you and it may be the only picture you take. I did take another picture this day, but this is the one you get to see.

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  1. i have such a hard time doing a photo a day… i simply cannot stick with it. =/ i always end up unhappy with many/most of the pictures.

  2. i hear you! i carry my camera with me everywhere, but i certainly don’t get photos taken every day. i also realized, too, that part of the trick to sticking with it is to put the pictures you’re unhappy with out there anyway. when i did my 365, i posted a photo one day where i had clearly not been paying attention AT ALL and had left the lens cap on. but hey, that’s the photo i took that day. seeing those photos i didn’t love up on the blog made me more aware of doing it and putting a bit more effort in.


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