10 on Tuesday

1. Shout out! I’m so excited to see that Swifty has started posting his 10 on Tuesday – thanks for joining my, Swifty! And no wonder we’re friends, because I kept reading his and being like “that’s so awesome…I totally agree…yup, right on….”

2. Tonight while walking with Pete, I learned a lot about baseball stats (and fantasy baseball). I’m pretty sure that if Dad takes up fantasy baseball, he could make a lot of money. Potentially more than consulting in Kyrgyzstan, and with a lot less flying and foreign food.

3. I posted my first official 3 Day training walk for this Saturday, and hopefully I get a decent turnout. Really, if anyone shows up I’ll be happy. It’s a short one – 4 miles (with Starbucks halfway, yum!) – and hopefully that doesn’t deter people. Also, if you’re local and want to join us I can email you details. Friends and family are welcome as long as you’re willing to sign the liability waiver!

4. My toes are cold.

5. We are officially out of Girl Scout cookies. The booth sales are few and far between these days, so hopefully I can get my hands on some more before they’re gone again for the year. How much money is too much money to spend on Girl Scout cookies over the course of a year? I read in the elevator that their cookie sales were being affected by the economy, so I’m trying to do my part to help them out.

6. I just realized that some people probably don’t know what I’m talking about when I say “I read in the elevator…”. We have those handy screens that have news headlines and current event blurbs and lots of random info. It’s probably my main source of news most days. Non-local news, at least.

7. Sarah B shared this video recently, and it’s pretty mind blowing. Volume not needed, sfw, and all that crap:

8. I bought a new bath mat (so that it actually matches the shower curtain now), and it’s super soft. It makes getting out of the warm shower less horrible in the mornings. It also, apparently, makes a nice place for a napping Champ.

9. March Madness has fully invaded our house (Pete’s bracket was busted last weekend, if you care)…I came home from work tonight and Pete was playing basketball with his Nerf ball and hoop. And then he knocked over a glass of water on the coffee table. Lucky for him, the Tivo remote survived the flood.

10. I’ve been working on cleaning, decluttering, organizing, and prettifying the house since we decided to stay another year. This includes addressing the funky shaped wall that I’ve ignored and left blank for the last two years. I started gathering a few things to add to what we already had to hang a gallery style wall, kinda like this. The first one that I ordered came today, and that’s the picture you saw before you started reading this post (ten hours ago). One more print is on it’s way and then it’s time to figure out how I want to arrange them on the wall and start hanging them. And maybe buy one more piece, depending on space.

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