10 on Tuesday

1. I like this recent “heat wave”. Especially when I don’t have to walk 10 miles in it.

2. A co-worker (for two more days) of mine is leaving next week on an amazing trip where she’ll be working towards restoring a near-extinct tropical forest in India, while living in an eco-village. That’s a very brief description of what she will doing, so please check out that link to learn more. She’s having a fundraiser on Thursday at the Nexus Green Building Resource Center here in Boston. If you’re also here in Boston, you should come and support her.

3. Someday, I hope that I get to write this post on my blog. Hopefully “someday” comes sooner rather than later.

4. I was bummed to see this article in the Dorchester Reporter about graffiti along the bike path and park near us. We walk the path every Tuesday and Thursday (or at least most of them) for my 3 Day training, and I’ve always loved the murals along there. Sometimes people suck.

5. Am I the only one not freaking out about swine flu?

6. I did three loads of laundry on Saturday – all sheets and towels (and duvet cover). I meant to do at least one load of clothes as well, but I was so annoyed with the dryer situation. 6 brand new dryers in the laundry room. 2 not plugged in. 2 not reading the laundry cards. 1 filled with someones unmentionables and left there for who knows how long. I still haven’t done my laundry. but have no fear – I won’t have to call out of work naked after all! The clothes I ordered online last week were delivered and everything fits, so I should be good for another day or two at least.

7. Am I the only one that puts off doing laundry as long as possible every time?

8. When I got my massage last week, Stephanie told me that my shoulders were significantly worse than they’ve been in a long time. I was hoping for the opposite, because I’ve been walking pretty regularly and doing yoga videos at home 2-3 times a week for the last few weeks. Apparently it wasn’t helping quite so much. :( This week that has become super evident, as I’ve been fighting the headache-coming-on feeling for a few days now.

9. Speaking of yoga, my friend Kate is finishing her yoga teacher training this Sunday. I’m very excited to be joining in the graduation celebration with her (and her hubby, yeah Justin!). I’m also very jealous, because some days I dream about being a yoga instructor.

10. Have you read A Long Way Gone yet? I gave it to Pete for his birthday a few years ago (you know, when it was the most recent Starbucks promotion) and meant to read it once he finished it. I finally picked it up this past weekend and it’s an amazing story. Not warm and fuzzy and heart warming, but amazing.

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  1. oh good! you found jordana! i have a drafted email to you w/ the link! its been a busy few days…ugh. ihateschool.

  2. Yup! That’s the benefit of an easy to remember/easy to google business name….also makes it easy for complete strangers to start stalking you after they hear one mention. ;)


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