10 on Wednesday!

1. Meet my very cute new eight ounce travel mug! Do you know how hard it is to find an eight ounce travel mug that isn’t designed for a child? Too hard. I realize that I’m American and supposed to want everything to be BIGGER…but I don’t. These days I’m drinking a Starbucks short, and that means that I spent hours scouring the interweb to find an eight ounce travel mug that I would love. Lucky me, my awesome sister plucked this one off my wish list and gave to me as part of my belated birthday gift! Yay sister!

2. My awesome sister also gave me these cute measuring cups for my birthday. They’re so cute that haven’t put them away in the measuring cup and soup drawer, despite not having counter space for them to live on.

3. At work we save a lot of files with dates in the file name…we go through a lot of versions and update the data frequently, so it’s just easier to save the latest version with the most recent date and ensure that folks are looking at what is really the latest version. This week I have saved no fewer than 15 files with the date listed as 2010_01_xx instead of 2011. I also save all my photos with the date they were taken in the file name, and as I was editing today’s photo I realized that I had done the same thing with the photo I posted yesterday. I wonder how much longer it will take my brain to catch up to the new year.

4. Last night Pete and I did laundry after work. This is not normal for us, we usually do laundry on a Saturday or Sunday morning…but someone would not have had clean underwear to wear to work today if laundry didn’t get done, so off to the laundromat we went. It was awesome last night to put on clean, still warm from the dryer pajamas and climb into the bed made with clean, still warm sheets (and duvet cover)!

5. When I come across something in Google Reader that I don’t have time to read or watch, I star it to save for later. This happens pretty often with videos that people post or link, because if I read the post at work I usually can’t watch the video just then. I’ve been making an effort to go back through all my starred posts and catch up on these videos. Which brought me to this awesome music video for Americana by Hollerado. I’ve never heard of them before, but I like the song and think the video is totally fun. Also – shot in one take!

6. Pete is going down to New York this weekend to see an old friend (we miss you Mike! Move back to the East Coast already!), and I’m staying home alone so I can do some things I had hoped to get to over my vacation and didn’t. Because I’m not often home without Pete, when things like this happen I get excited and start thinking about all the things I will do while he is gone. The movies I’ll watch! And the food I’ll cook/eat! And the adventures I’ll go on! And then, without fail, I realize that he’s only going to be gone for a day and a half, and I realize that I won’t get half of it done.

7.  This weekend I will, at the very least, watch The Girl Who Played With Fire and get meat pies from K&O for lunch. Oh, and I will pack away the few Christmas decorations I got out this year.

8. For the record, I got much further with today’s sudoku puzzle than I did with yesterday’s. I haven’t given up yet. I saved it thinking that perhaps tomorrow I’ll look at it, something will click, and I will finish it. I will not let Will Shortz defeat me!

9. We are supposed to get snow here on Friday and Saturday, and I’m excited for it. When you don’t own a car and don’t have to drive, snow storms are awesome! I was a little bit bummed to have missed the blizzard after Christmas (we barely got a dusting in Virginia), so hopefully there are still a few mid-sized winter storms to come. I will happily snuggle up with a kitty, a blanket, a mug of tea, and a good book Friday night and watch it snow!

10. Now that I’ve said that out loud, I’m sure we’ll get almost no snow at all, and there will be nothing for me to watch Friday night. Unless, of course, I borrow a page from my niece and nephew…tomorrow night don’t be surprised if I’m wearing my pajamas backwards and flushing ice cubes down the toilet.

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  1. You must have a really great sister! Also, why won't Pete eat meat pies?

  2. He will actually eat meat pies – he even recommended them to someone recently! He just doesnt like to eat them as often as me so I end up going myself half the time. :)


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