5.30.2011 Badger Proof Package

Pete bought a Kindle this morning. One of the first things he noticed when he went to open it was this “frustration free packaging” seal. Have you ever seen Pete try to open a package? He’s very bad at opening packages, and it often leads to disasters – we’ve had to use duct tape to hold together waffle mix boxes that he opened, and things like bags of chips? Good chance they’ll be torn in half. Sometimes when you open our kitchen cabinets, it looks like a badger was let loose…and so Pete was nick named Badger Boy, and “to badger” has been turned into a very, essentially meaning  to destroy.

When he saw this seal, he showed it to me and we both laughed and thought “we’ll see about that!”…but it really was frustration free! And that box is even still intact! It’s a packaging miracle – badger-proof packaging!

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