Uncle Meat

8.21.2011 Pete and Jackie

On Saturday Emily and I thought it would be really funny for her to just walk up to Pete and put Jackie in his lap, but our little surprise delivery never made it to fruition. Saturday night Pete did end up the last adult in the room with Jackie when the rest of us raced out to catch the ice cream truck before it left the neighborhood, but she was happily hanging out in her bouncy seat so he really just had to, you know, make sure the house didn’t burn down with her in it.

Sunday, as we were saying goodbye, Emily was determined to get Pete to hold his newest niece…she was nicer than I would have been and she actually asked him if he was ready before handing her over. I would have just put Jackie in his arms and walked away without saying anything, haha!

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  1. Pete totally looks like he knows what he's doing. We need someone to watch Adele next Thursday night, is he available?


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