A List: Things To Do This Winter

I didn’t do very well on my Fall 2011 list – I was expecting a slower, quieter fall and that didn’t quite happen. Surprisingly, I’m not feeling even the teeniest bit of guilt or sadness about that, because it was still a pretty great few months! You can click through the link above to see how it all played out, or you can just move on to the current season. :)

I thought I was being lazy with a shorter list this time around, but then I saw that my fall list was only eight items as well and felt a whole lot better about it. ;) Hopefully I’ll have a better record at the end of this season!

  1. Eat at Cafe Polonia DONE!
  2. Go to yoga at least once a week…but hopefully twice a week
  3. Take the BPL Art & Architecture Tour  DONE!
  4. Shoot one photo every day for a month, with my DSLR In progress! & Done-ish
  5. Ice skate at the Frog Pond DONE!
  6. Stop drinking soda, for good
  7. Finish at least two crochet UFOs
  8. Learn to take the top off a soft boiled egg

As usual, let me know if you want to join me for any of these. Here’s to an amazing winter! 

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  1. Cafe Polonia is very very good. Yum!I took the art and architecture tour of the BPL on NYE. It was good.

  2. I'd love to get back into yoga, too. And oh, that tour sounds fun! Maybe we could go together!


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