A Monotonous Life List

A Monotonous Life List | My Monotonous Life

This photo has nothing to do with this post, but I like to give you guys something to look at besides a wall of text. I spent part of my afternoon yesterday volunteering with coworkers to plant the Memorial Day Flag Garden on Boston Common. It’s a really beautiful thing to see, and we had pretty perfect weather yesterday. The event/display is organized by the Massachusetts Military Heroes Fund, and we had so many volunteers (from my company and plenty of others) yesterday that we planted 37,000 flags in just about two and a half hours!

Anyway, that wasn’t actually why I’m posting. I’m obviously a list maker (hence my seasonal lists!) so it only makes sense that I’ve got a life list hidden somewhere, right? Well, it’s hidden no more! Go ahead and look up, and you’ll find a new page with my life list on it. You better believe I also have a spreadsheet in my Google Docs so I can keep track of a few of those items, too.  If you’re observant, you’ll also notice that some of those life list items creep onto my seasonal lists…slowly but surely, I’ll get through it all!

Who else has a life list? What’s on it?!

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