Year in Running: 2014

The funny thing about this post is that while I don’t post here as often as I used to, I’ve drafted bits and pieces of this specific post in my head on many a run since I did this same “survey” last year. This was a weird year in running for me…or maybe it’s actually the opposite: maybe last year’s consistency and constant running high was the anomaly and this year is actually the norm? At any rate, I like having this little recap to look back at from last year so much that I’m putting it together again this year…and hopefully for many years to come. Without further ado: my 2014 in running.

Run to Remember Half Marathon
Best race experience? Run to Remember Half Marathon. I’ll spare the additional words, because you can read all about it in my recap if you haven’t already. Runners up: Hingham Fourth of July Road Race (see here and here and below), Finish at the 50 10k (see here here here and here).

Hingham 4th of July Road Race 

Best run? No one single run jumps out in my mind this year, but I really did love a lot of those runches I had last winter – especially the snowy ones! I don’t have the flexibility to work from home anymore, and the inability to runch is the number one reason I’m angry about that. See here here here here here here and below.


Best new piece of gear? Pro compression calf sleeves! My calves are chronically tight and painful, and I’m not as diligent about stretching and rolling them as I should be. I have compression socks and they work, but I put off buying sleeves because I already had socks and why spend the money and blah blah blah…eventually I caved and bought a grab bag of sleeves and I couldn’t be happier. For one thing, I loved all the colors they sent me (white, purple, AHB lime green). For another, they fit way more comfortably than I expected – I’m considering tossing my socks all together. That extra comfort means I wear them more, which means my cranky calves are significantly less cranky these days.

Best piece of running advice you received? This is the hardest question for me to answer (as it was last year). I read a lot about running and training and racing, and I talk about it with friends and running buddies a lot and the result is that I don’t ever remember where the advice or information I got came from…and honestly, this wasn’t a great “year in running” for me in general. I will say this: having Alicia coach me through half marathon training was the best thing I did for my running this year. Having the accountability of that Google doc to update with my workouts (and my comments which ranged from “I just wanted to be done, go home, and eat pizza” to “should I be surprised when my long run feels good” to “I’m very good at resting. Nailed it!” and a number of threats to homeowners who don’t shovel their sidewalks LIKE CITY LAWS REQUIRE THEM TO) kept me, more or less, on track and consistent with both my running and my workouts. That is something that’s invaluable to a lazy runner like me, and I’m sure that my half would have been significantly less enjoyable if it weren’t for Alicia. Also, she made me come up with a time goal and challenged me with workout that led me to realize that I am can be a lot faster than I realized.


Most inspirational runner? This is hard. Can I reuse my answer from last year? To be honest, my answer hasn’t changed. I’m still finding heaps of inspiration by the runners I’m lucky to have surrounded myself with. The same ones who continue to accomplish amazing firsts, fight hard to chase down big scary goals, and stay positive and consistent through setbacks. 

If you could sum up your year in a couple of words, what would they be? Front loaded. Inconsistent. Slump.

And what roundup would be complete without the summary on my race tracker spreadsheet?

Year in Running: 2014 Race Summary

Here’s to 2015 – hopefully a year that is summed up in slightly more positive words than 2014 was!

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  1. Funny, I was JUST thinking that I wanted to re-write mine from last year as well. Be prepared to see the same picture ;)

    Another half for 2015? I’ll come up with 13 whitty entertainment points if you say yes.

    • How about you come up with ten whitty entertainment points by Feb 15 and we run the Old Fashioned 10-miler together?!? Im already registered and you’ll need a long run!

      • So here’s the story: 2 years ago I registered for the 5K and it was cancelled. Last year I registered for the 10 Miler and there was a snowstorm and I ended up running to the 5K finish and calling it a day. I don’t know if I should call it quits or maybe the third time is my lucky charm.


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