I’ve been wanting to post more often (again) here for months, but then when I make the time to sit down I have little to say or show you. Today I decided I just needed to do it: to share the recent stuff without thinking too much about it and talking myself out of it because the pictures aren’t my best work, or I don’t have anything particularly interesting to say. I never thought about those things when I started this blog (1,000+ posts and seven years ago – what?!), and somewhere along the line I became overly concerned about whether my pictures were perfect or not…which led to posting fewer photos…which led to taking fewer photos…which led to a complete hiatus. I miss this blog, and it’s time to get over my need for perfection and just post, so here we go!

Jamaica Pond

One of my running peeps, Ed, emailed me recently after hearing that I was into photography. He proposed that we try to get out on some photography play dates. This was especially appealing not just because I think Ed is pretty rad, but because he runs much faster than me so when we “run together” there is actually no “together” about the experience and I was pretty sure we might actually get to chat while we take photos. When I saw that the Boston Parks Department does a series of events periodically called Pics in the Parks, I thought that sounded like a very nice photo play date. Lucky for me, Ed was very agreeable! Unlucky for both of us, the weather wasn’t very agreeable. I can’t remember exactly what the forecast was, but it was something like temps in the teens and windchill in the low single digits, light snow, and a heavy wind warning.

You didn’t think that would stop us, did you? We donned our snow pants and jackets and hats and gloves, and off we went! It was COLD. The wind was insane. Snow wasn’t falling so much as it was flying into our faces so hard that it felt like it was cutting our cheeks. But we weren’t the only crazies out there! A handful of other folks showed up for the Pics in the Park event, there were at least a dozen runners out (some in shorts!), and there were a few folks out walking their very happy dogs.

Happiest dog in the world!

Despite the weather (maybe even a little bit because of the weather), it was a good morning. I say so often how much I hate the cold and the winter and blah blah blah…but I absolutely love the snow. It’s what makes suffering through the cold, windy winters here worth it – waking up on a weekend morning, bundling up and going out for an adventure in the snow (preferably with a hot beverage in hand). It’s even more worth it when it gives me the chance to spend a snowy morning with someone fun while rediscovering a hobby I love.

You can check out the rest of my photos from the day on Flickr.

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  1. Those are amazing!! You have such an eye :)

    • Thanks Lady! It’s been a long time since I’ve gone out specifically with the intention of taking photos – need to get back in the habit!


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