There’s been a bit of this going on:


That one is from January. He got a 12 string acoustic from his parents for Christmas, which re-inspired him to play lots and lots. Surprisingly, the awesome new guitar inspired him to play both his old 6 string acoustic and his newer electric as well. Since I’m the Best Girlfriend in the World, I tipped him off about A Street Music, which  had recently relocated from Quincy Center to our ‘hood. Pete was so happy with the work they did on his 12 string that he then tipped Downstairs Dave off about them, and it’s almost as if the two of them are now competing to be Customer of the Year! Why play only three guitars and leave one sad, old, lonely electric guitar stored under the couch in the guest room when you can take it to your new BFF and have him gussy it all up so that you can have four guitars in rotation?!



This one is from February (the older electric wasn’t back in rotation until March I think – I’m not sure I’ve got photographic evidence of it…yet).

I don’t want anyone to think that Pete only sits on the couch and plays guitar alone – now that he and Downstairs Dave have significantly increased the number of guitars to play, they spend plenty of time playing together down in Dave’s apartment. It’s almost cute…except when I realize that there are weeks that Pete spends more time with Downstairs Dave than he does with me! ;)

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